View All ShipperHQ Carrier and Method Codes in Magento


In some cases, you may need to view all of the ShipperHQ carriers and methods you have enabled, for example to use in Shopping Cart Price Rules or to map them for order processing systems etc. You will first need to refresh your carriers.


Magento 1:

  1. Go to System > Configuration > Shipping Methods > ShipperHQ
  2. Save the configuration page or use the Refresh Carriers button to update all carriers in ShipperHQ

Magento 2:

  1. Go to Store > Configuration > Sales > Shipping Methods > ShipperHQ
  2. Save the configuration page with ShipperHQ enabled to update all carriers in ShipperHQ

At this point you will see all carriers and methods for example under Shopping Cart Price Rules.

For integrations with other systems via code, use the following excerpt as a guide to retrieve all carriers and methods.

Current Method Codes

Here is a list of some of the method codes in ShipperHQ, if you are unable to obtain through the getAllowedMethods() and need urgently for other carriers/codes contact us direct.


Priority Mail: usps_Priority Mail
Priority Mail Express International: usps_Priority Mail Express International
Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope: usps_Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope
Priority Mail International: usps_Priority Mail International
Priority Mail Small Flat Rate Box: usps_Priority Mail Small Flat Rate Box
Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box: usps_Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box
Priority Mail Large Flat Rate Box: usps_Priority Mail Large Flat Rate Box
Retail Ground: usps_Retail Ground


2nd Day Air: ups_2DA
3 Day Select: ups_3DS
Ground: ups_GND
Next Day Air: ups_1DA
Standard: ups_STD
Worldwide Expedited: ups_XPD
Worldwide Express: ups_XPR
Worldwide Saver: ups_65

Using the Default Carrier Codes in Magento

ShipperHQ uses custom codes to identify standard shipping carriers like UPS and Fedex. For example, we use shqups for UPS and shqfedex for Fedex.

To fully support post order processing systems and label generation, the final shipping method set on a order may need to be the “default carrier code”. For example, your systems may expect that UPS has a code of “ups”.

We have an option available for Magento clients, that will reset the carrier code on the order to be the chosen carrier’s default code. For example, shqups will become ups.  This will allow you to use your default post order processing systems that rely on the default carrier codes and use Magento’s in built label generation.

In your ShipperHQ dashboard,

  • Go to the Carriers page
  • Select the “Carrier Settings” link in the top right corner
  • On the “Display tab”, set “Use Carrier Type for Carrier Code” to Yes (this will result in passing just ‘ups’ instead of ‘shqups’

Then, on your Magento admin panel

  • Go to Catalog > ShipperHQ > Synchronize ShipperHQ and complete synchronization

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