Carrier Rules Configuration

Carrier Rules are used to set, surcharge, or override rates. If you are using a Custom defined Carrier you can optionally set your rates via carrier rules but this is more of a legacy method.  The more common method would be to set them in the “Manage Table Rates” section of this type of carrier. For all other carriers the rates can be manipulated in Carrier Rules.

Carrier Rules is a highly flexible part of ShipperHQ. Bear in mind that used wrongly your rates can show incorrectly, so just ensure you think about what you are setting up and test the rule afterwards on your site.  At ShipperHQ we have many years of experience of our clients using Carrier Rules with great success.

Examples of Carrier Rules

Here are some example Carrier Rules we see:

  • Don’t ship hazardous goods via Air
  • Hide all methods and show error
  • USPS only for APOs/PO Boxes
  • Surcharge rates by 20% when have OVERSIZE items in the cart
  • Offer free shipping to US 48 when > $100 in the cart
  • Set the shipping price to be $50 for every SHED added to the cart going to NY

The list goes on….

Creating a New Rule

When you create a new rule please try to give it a name that accurately represents what it does. This will help you as then you can search on the rule name.

A rule applies to Shipping Methods, and is made up of Conditions and Actions. That’s it.

Applicable Shipping Methods

For the rule you are creating select the shipping method(s) it applies to.


Specify the conditions under which you wish the rule to apply. For instance you want it for BIKES in US 48.


The action is what you want to happen when the rule applies. You can prevent shipping or show rates. Within showing rates you can set rates, surcharge, or override rates.

Additional Options

Additional options may be found under Carrier Rules->Settings. You can remove conditions/actions you do not need, for instance if you do not use customer groups then you can disable in the Settings and then these are no longer shown in your dashboard.