GlobalTranz LTL Freight


This document outlines the process to set up GlobalTranz Freight in ShipperHQ to obtain live rates associated with your GlobalTranz account.


Before you begin, please ensure you have the following:

  • Your GlobalTranz user ID
  • Your GlobalTranz password
  • LTL Freight Feature – Adding this carrier requires the LTL Freight Feature enabled either before or during the process described below. Click this link for more information about enabling the LTL Freight Feature.
Contact GlobalTranz at to obtain your API Access Key if you have not done so already.

Adding GlobalTranz

Now that you have your credentials ready, use the steps below to set up GlobalTranz in ShipperHQ.

1. Log into your ShipperHQ account & navigate to the Advanced Features link on the left navigation menu. 

2. Click to enable the LTL Advanced Feature.

3.  Once LTL is enabled, navigate to the Carriers link on the left navigation menu.

4. Click + New to add a new carrier

5. Choose the Live Rate Carrier option

6. Use the Search Carriers option to search for GlobalTranz or scroll down to find GlobalTranz from the list of available carriers

7. Click GlobalTranz

Adding GlobalTranz requires the LTL Freight advanced feature. You are prompted with the following steps if you do not have this feature enabled during installation:

  1. Click the toggle button to enable the LTL Freight feature
  2. Click the Continue button

8. Click to continue in connecting your carrier account to ShipperHQ. 

Steps to Validate This Carrier

1. Enter the following credentials provided by GlobalTranz

  • GlobalTranz User Name 
  • GlobalTranz Password

2. Once these details have been entered, blick the Validate button to complete the validation process.

If validation is successful, click the toggle button to enable the GlobalTranz carrier.

If validation fails, please Contact ShipperHQ Support for further assistance, or review what has been entered for accuracy & attempt to enter your credentials once more.

3. Click the Configure This Carrier button if the validation process was successful.

4. Edit any settings for this carrier then click Save to complete the setup.

5. Your GlobalTranz LTL Freight carrier is now enabled and ready for configuration.

Freight Shipping Configuration

Use any of the following links to configure your GlobalTranz LTL Freight carrier:


Use any of the following links for more configuration options:

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