TST-CF Express LTL Freight


This document outlines the process to connect your TST-CF Express (formerly TST Overland Express and Canadian Freightways) account to ShipperHQ to obtain live rates associated with your TST-CF account.

TFI International Companies
Most TFI International companies, including TST-CF Express, operate independent shipping rating systems. In addition to TST-CF Express, ShipperHQ supports TForce Freight and Vitran Express. Contact us if you are interested in using other TFI International LTL or parcel services through ShipperHQ.


Before you begin, please ensure you have the following:

  • An active TST-CF Express Account
  • Your TST-CF Express Company Code
  • Your TST-CF Express Company Authorization
  • Your TST-CF Express Customer Login
  • Your TST-CF Express Customer Password
  • A Shipping Origin within the TST-CF Express service area configured in ShipperHQ
Note: If you do not already have an account with TST-CF Express you will need to register for an account with TST-CF Express.

Steps to Add This Carrier

Now that you have your credentials ready use the steps below to set up TST-CF Express in ShipperHQ.

  1. Log into your ShipperHQ account.
  2. Navigate to the Manage Shipping > Carriers dashboard
  3. Click the + New to add a new carrier
  4. Click the Live Rate Carrier option
  5. Use the Search Carriers search bar to type in TST-CF Express or scroll down to find TST-CF Express from the list of available carriers
  6. Select TST-CF Express
  1. Type in the name of the carrier you want your customers to see. Example: “TST-CF” or “TST-CF Freight”.
  2. Click the Continue button.

Steps to Validate This Carrier

  1. Click the Enter Credentials button.
Note, you can select the Skip & Enter Later option, but TST-CF Express live rates will not be enabled until these credentials are entered. You will be reminded to add your credentials if you choose to skip the validation process. This validation is necessary for ShipperHQ to access your shipping account and rates.
  1. Click the Enter Credentials button once again
  2. Select your ship-from location from the Origin associated with account drop-down menu
  3. Input your TST-CF Express Company Code into the Company Code field provided
  4. Input your TST-CF Express Company Authorization into the Company Authorization field
  5. Input your TST-CF Express Customer Login into the Login field
  6. Input your TST-CF Express Customer Password into the Password field
  7. Choose the appropriate Business Role for your account in the Business Role field (choose “Shipper” if your TST-CF Express account is associated with your ship-from Origin, choose “Third Party” if not, choose “Consignee” only if instructed by TST-CF Express or ShipperHQ)
  8. Choose the appropriate Terms of Shipment in the Terms of Shipment field (for nearly all accounts, this is “Prepaid”. Only choose “Collect” if instructed by TST-CF Express or ShipperHQ)
  9. Click the Validate button
If validation fails, double check the credentials you’re using then click the Try Credentials Again link to attempt to re-enter your credentials. You can also review our Troubleshooting Carrier Authentication Errors doc for additional steps.
  1. If validation is successful, click the toggle button to enable the TST-CF Express carrier if you’re ready to start offering TST-CF Express rates to your customers
  2. Click the Configure This Carrier button if the validation process was successful and you wish to make changes to your TST-CF Express configuration before enabling it

Your TST-CF Express carrier is now ready to be used!


Use any of the following links for more configuration options:

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