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Merchants may want to show Delivery Date, a Calendar or Time in Transit on Shipping Methods. ShipperHQ Supports showing:

  1. Shipping Rates only
  2. Rates with delivery date
  3. Rates with the time in transit (e.g. 3 days)
  4. Rates that Show Calendar for selecting the date you wish the order to be delivered for (this feature is not available on BigCommerce or Shopify)

We support these time/date options on the following Carriers:

  1. UPS
  2. UPS Freight (transit days only)
  3. FedEx
  4. USPS
  5. Canada Post
  6. Custom Offline

Video Introduction

Setup Feature

*Note:If you are on Magento 2.x.x and trying to set up Calendar , you will need to email and ask for access to private satis repository for ShipperHQ’s module-calendar and module-pickup packages. 

In order to enable these features:

1. Under the Advanced Features tab in left navigation, enable Delivery Date & Time from the menu screen (screenshot below)

2. Once enabled, you will see some feature settings if you click on the gear icon on that feature.

To configure your Date & Time settings, Go back to Carriers and see “Live Rate Carriers” section below.

Feature Settings

If you click on the Delivery Date & Time feature itself, you will see 3 settings options:

  1. Could not determine Delivery Date message: This is where you can set the message that should appear if a Delivery Date is not determined.
  2. Lead Time Overrides Cutoff Time: If set to yes, cutoff time is ignored if a Lead Time has been applied
  3. Calendar Display Option: How the Calendar should display in Checkout (inline, or Popup). Only supported on Magento 1/2 and Zoey Platforms.


If you are using any form of time in transit capabilities (delivery date/time or a calendar) then its necessary to set up the date based information.

ShipperHQ asks for details on:

  • Blackout production days/dates – e.g. when is your factory not producing the goods. This could be set to 0 if you can ship items straight away. A great example is a picture framer who needs 5 days to produce the picture from time of order
  • Blackout shipment days/dates – when can the goods be picked up for delivery
  • Cut-off time – Whats the cut-off time for this origin to be able to ship goods. Only relevant if shipping on the same day

Carrier Configuration

1. Under the carrier look for the Date & Time tab.

2. Click on the Show Delivery Dates dropdown to choose between displaying Rates-only, Delivery Date, Time in Transit, or Show Calendar (See screenshot.)

NOTE: “Show Calendar” is not available for BigCommerce or Shopify

3. When Delivery Date or Time in Transit are selected, you can update settings around Lead Times, Cut-off Times, or Blackout Dates. For specific details on these settings, visit this article.

4. Save the Carrier

Now your Live Rate Carrier will show Delivery Date or Time in Transit with the Shipping Rates and methods.

Table Rate Carriers

On Table Rate Carriers, you can set Lead Times against your custom shipping methods and set additional Calendar Settings.

In your Table Rate Carrier, under the Basic tab, go to the Shipping Methods section. Edit your methods to add Lead Times. The leads times you set here will affect the Delivery Date shown against the method.

After lead times are set against the methods, Save the Carrier. You should now be set to show Delivery Date & Time against shipping methods.

For more information on customizing the text displayed for your delivery dates and time in transit, read about our explanatory text on the checkout.

Additional Info on Functionality

Read more about setting up Delivery Date & Time in ShipperHQ with the articles below:

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