ShipperHQ and Salesforce Commerce Cloud Cartridge Integration


ShipperHQ offers a variety of functionality that is critical to help retailers ensure they are charging accurate rates for shipping in all cases and offering shipping options that are relevant to their customers. 

Complete installation instructions can be found at the following:



Within the ShipperHQ dashboard merchants are able to:

  • Connect to their carrier accounts with 50+ carriers worldwide to retrieve real-time shipping rates
  • Configure custom rates that can be as simple or as complex as required including support for importing carrier rate tariffs for carriers who do not have available API’s
  • Set up and manage multiple ship-from locations
  • Set up packing rules and packages for real-time package calculation
  • Configure promotional business rules to offer certain options and rates in certain scenarios
  • Ensure product restrictions around shipping services or destinations are enforced for regulated products such as alcohol, health products, guns and ammo, etc.
  • Present highly accurate delivery dates to customers based on both the merchant’s fulfillment operations as well as real-world carrier operations

When a customer reaches checkout and proceeds to the shipping step, the ShipperHQ cartridge for Commerce Cloud makes an API call to ShipperHQ’s web services to retrieve the results based on the merchant’s configuration. The chosen shipping service and rate are then saved by the cartridge against the order when the customer completes their transaction.

Use Cases

ShipperHQ’s web services allow merchants to fully control the rates and options displayed to their customers in any given scenario.

Specific use cases include:

  1. Live rates from 50+ carriers including domestic parcel carriers in North America, Europe, and Australia, international parcel carriers, and LTL freight carriers
  2. Customer-facing delivery dates calculated off real-world merchant and carrier operations to ensure accuracy
  3. Intelligent packing algorithm allowing packages to be determined in real-time for scenarios where packages used impact shipping options or rates which should be offered to customers
  4. Accurate shipping rating for multi-origin fulfillment scenarios including multi-shipment orders
  5. Shipping business rules which can apply globally or to any given scenario including order value, weight, quantity, product, product type, ship-from location, ship-to location, etc. supporting adjustments to rates and control of which shipping services should be offered
  6. Promotional shipping rules such as free or discounted shipping applying globally, at certain price points, including or excluding specific products, etc.
  7. Offering customers alternate fulfillment options such as click & collect, same-day delivery, pickup point/locker, etc.


An account with ShipperHQ is required to use the ShipperHQ cartridge. An account may be created at

The cartridge supports all of ShipperHQ’s core functionality but does not support certain advanced capabilities including:

  • Delivery date picker calendar
  • In-Store Pickup/Click & Collect location map
  • LTL Freight accessorial interactive UX elements

For customers who are not logged into an account, shipping estimates are not available in the cart.


Available since Commerce Cloud 19.10 which is also used for storefront reference application and screenshots. 

Privacy, Payment

The customer shipping address is the only customer information accessed and processed by the cartridge. Use of ShipperHQ requires agreement to our User Agreement and Privacy Policy both of which can be found at Payment may be made from within the ShipperHQ dashboard at or by other methods arranged in advance by contacting us.

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