How to Set Up Rate Shopping


Rate shopping is a feature designed to compare rates between two or more shipping methods from two or more different carriers and than return the cheapest method under one method name.

In order to use Rate Shopping, you’ll need to ensure that “Rate Shopping & Custom Method Names” Feature is enabled and “Shop for Cheapest rate” is set to On.

Please note: Multi Origin Method Merging Rules can’t be used when rate shopping is enabled and configured.


Enable the Advanced Feature

  1. Select the Features option from the ShipperHQ Dashboard (sidebar on the left side of the screen).
  2. On the Features page you will see the Rate Shopping & Custom Method Names feature and its accompanying Enabled/Disabled toggle (labelled as no. 3 in screenshot). Enable this feature.
  3. After you’ve enabled this feature, click the settings icon (see no. 2 in screenshot).
  4. Ensure that “Shop for Cheapest Rate” is set to yes and hit Apply.

Also referenced is the improved “More Info” option (no. 1 in screenshot) from within the features page, which will display some detailed information about the feature you’re enabling.

Note: For Magento, the Display Order setting pictured above will be superseded by Sort Order at the bottom of each carrier.  This feature works best with “Display Rates under Generic Carrier” enabled.

Shop for Cheapest between two methods

  1. Go to “Method Merging Rules” in the lefthand navigation, found under the Carrier tab
  2. Select add new
  3. In the Overview section, enter the Shipping Method Title for your merged rate- this is what will be displayed in checkout as the shipping method
  4. Enter a Method Code – this is required, but if you do not use method codes you can set to whatever (see screenshot)
  5. In the Carrier Methods section, Add one shipping method under Two or More of the Carriers you want to merge. These can be from your Live Shipping Methods or Custom Shipping Methods. For Example: if I want ShipperHQ to choose the cheapest between UPS Ground and FedEx Home Delivery, I will highlight those two (see screenshot).
    Note: Rate shopping isn’t supported on the same carrier. You can only shop between two methods from different carriers.
  6. Save

If you want to offer more than one merged option (i.e. choose cheapest Ground, but also want to choose cheapest expedited), you will need a separate rule for each method type.

Your customer will see the cheapest rate among the methods selected in the merge rule under one method name. I.E: UPS Ground and Home Delivery will show up as Ground Shipping $$$

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