Backup Carrier Configuration


In this article you will learn how to enable the “Backup Carrier” Feature and then select an applicable carrier you would like to use in the event that the other carriers experience unexpected downtime for any reason (Maintenance, outage etc.)

Enable the Backup Carrier Feature

1. Click Features in the ShipperHQ dashboard.
2. Toggle the switch on the Backup Carriers panel to enable this feature.


Choose A Backup Carrier

1.  Go to the Carriers tab and edit each carrier that you would like to setup a backup carrier for in the case that it fails.

2. Scroll down to the Error Handling Section of your selected carrier and click the Backup Carrier Dropdown to select the carrier you want to display in the event that this carrier isn’t returning rates to ShipperHQ.

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 10.29.11 AM


3. Also, make sure the “When carrier unavailable indicate this in cart/checkout.” is checked off if you want to note this.

4. Click Save at the bottom to make sure this is updated.

5. Repeat on your other carriers as needed so that they have a backup carrier to fall back on as well.

NB: The carrier selected as the backup carrier does not need to be enabled.

For example, if you have FedEx set up as a live carrier and you have a table rates carrier (or any other carrier) that you want to display only when FedEx is not available, set the table rates carrier to disabled and select that carrier under the “Backup carrier” field for FedEx. That table rates carrier will then only be displayed when FedEx is not available to return rates.


Now you will have a backup carrier to show a shipping method if a carrier experiences downtime and has the backup carrier configured.