Origin Configuration


Origins are the shipping origin for your goods. Merchant refer to these in various ways, e.g.

  • Vendors
  • Warehouses
  • Fulfilment Centers
  • Locations

The important part is this is where it is shipped from. When a Carrier such as UPS gets rates it will use the origin to determine where to ship from.

In ShipperHQ we refer to ‘locations’ as the Pickup Location which can be the same as its point of origin.

How Many Origin’s Do I need?

  • If you have 1 warehouse you ship from you need 1 origin
  • If you are a Dropshipper shipping from multiple warehouses then you need an origin per dropship location
  • If you are a Store Owner with multiple stores that you ship from you need multiple origins, 1 per store
  • If you are unsure use one and you will soon realise when you need another!

How is the Origin Decided?

In ShipperHQ the origin can be set explicitly or if you have multiple origins logic can be applied to decide the origin.  Here are the various ways you can configure how origin is decided for each product when there are multiple origins present. If you have just 1 origin for a particular website this will be used for all products.

Ultimately for each product ShipperHQ determines the best origin to use based on 3 criteria:

  1. Whether all products are set to use all origins (set in Website entity)
  2. The origin(s) selected in the product
  3. The zone restrictions on the origin

If origins remain after looking at these 3 criteria then the closest origin to the destination set in checkout is used. E.g. if you have NY and CA origins and the customer is in Ohio then NY will be used as the origin for the products.

Managing Origins

Adding A New Origin

  1. Select Origins tab > Add New
  2. Under Overview: Add Name and select the carriers and websites the origin applies to
  3. Under Address: Enter the accurate origin address
  4. Select Save

When you add an origin if you are using live shipping carriers such as UPS, FedEx, etc its necessary you enter an accurate origin address. This is also required if you are dropshipping and relying on ShipperHQ to find the nearest warehouse.

When you add an origin assign it to the website(s) it applies to. If you have carriers created also assign these.

Adding Origins via CSV Import

When you have multiple origins it may be easier for you to import a CSV file with your origins and connected information to ShipperHQ. This can be done by going to the Origins tab and selecting CSV then import. To get an idea of what fields should be included in your CSV file it may be helpful to create one Origin and export the file by selecting CSV and then export. You can find an example CSV file below.

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 16.59.55


Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 17.06.32

Deleting an Origin

To delete an origin you must first unselect any website and carriers it is connected to and save it. We do this to ensure you definitely want to delete that origin.