How to Enable Advanced Features


This doc outlines how to enable all of the advanced features available in ShipperHQ.

Enabling or Disabling Features

To enable or disable features in your account, click Advanced Features from the ShipperHQ dashboard (left-hand navigation). In this area you will be able to select as many advanced features from the list as your plan allows. For each feature you would like, toggle the switch to Enabled and your feature will immediately become available.

Advanced Features Available

Feature Description Link
Dimensional Packing Rate based off of product dimensions & set up packing box rules   How to Setup ShipperHQ for Dimensional Packing
Multi-Origin Shipping Enable live rating out of multiple shipping locations  How to Setup ShipperHQ for Multi-Origin Shipping
Delivery Date & Time Show customers when they can expect their order  Delivery Date Calendar Configuration
LTL Freight Enable LTL live rates on the frontend   LTL Freight Carrier Configuration
In-Store Pickup Show pickup location options to customers  In-Store Pickup Configuration
Address Validation Validate customer address type & return appropriate rate  Address Validation in ShipperHQ
Rate Shopping & Custom Method Names Show cheapest rates & method renaming Rate Shopping Setup & Renaming Shipping Method Configuration
Backup Carrier Rates Enable a backup carrier when your favorites are down!  Backup Carrier Rates Configuration

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