Carrier Configuration


This doc with walk you through the initial setup for creating Small Package, Custom Rate and LTL Freight Carriers. Setting up a Carrier in ShipperHQ allows you to choose the shipping methods you want to show at checkout and manipulate these options.

These types of carriers include:

  • Live Rate Carriers – Pulls live rates using your carrier credentials
    • Small Package Carriers like UPS, FedEx, USPS, Australia Post, DHL, etc
    • LTL (Less than Truckload) Freight Carriers and 3PLs like Cerasis, UPS Freight or YRC
  • Custom Rate Carriers – Custom rates you define within ShipperHQ
    • Custom-rate carriers like free shipping, table rates, or flat rates
    • Special carriers like In-Store Pickup

Creating a Carrier

All carriers will need to be set up from the Carrier section in your ShipperHQ dashboard.

  1. Select Add New on the Carrier Page
  2. In the Create New Carrier Popup, enter:
    • The carrier type –
      1. Custom Carrier – Table Rates, Flat, Free, Same Day Delivery, Customer Accounts
      2. Small Package – Live Rate small package carriers supported by ShipperHQ
      3. Freight LTL – Live Rate LTL Freight and 3PLs supported by ShipperHQ
    • Carrier – choose the actual carrier
    • Name Your Carrier
  3. Now you will need to go through the following areas to make sure you have your carrier set up with the correct credentials, shipping methods, restrictions, surcharges and more.
    • Carrier Overview – Specify the Carrier Name, Title (displayed in Cart), and which origins you want this carrier to apply to
    • Account Settings – For Live Rate carriers, you will need to enter your account details so that you can pull rates. These are provided to you by the carrier.
    • Display Restrictions – If necessary, you can restrict the carrier to only apply to a set of zones.
    • Shipping Methods – For Live Rate carriers you can select which shipping methods you want enabled. For Custom carriers, you will need to add shipping methods or import a csv file in the Manage Table Rates section.
    • Additional Charges – Set which destination type you will use with this carrier. (Business or Residential)
    • Package Settings – Set the min/max weights for packages and shipments
    • Free Shipping Promotions – Select shipping methods you would like to offer for free. If you want to apply a rule for free shipping, this should be done under Carrier Rules
    • Handling Fees – Can be applied per order, per item or per package
    • Error Handling – Set an error message to display when no rates can be found
    • Advanced Options – Only fill out this section if you are 100% sure. This is where you can specify min/max shipping fee and sort order.
  4. Save the Carrier


Now that you have created your desired carriers, you can move on to create carrier rules or setup Method Merging, Dimensional or other options as needed.