How to Set Up FedEx Freight


This document will outline how you can obtain your FedEx Freight Credentials required for ShipperHQ to pull the live rates associated with your FedEx Freight Account.

Create a FedEx Carrier

The first step is to turn on LTL Freight as an advanced feature. Click Features from the ShipperHQ dashboard (left sidebar), then toggle the switch on the LTL Freight Carriers panel. You will then need to create the carrier.

  1. Click on Carriers in the left-hand navbar
  2. Click the Add New button to add a new carrier
  3. Enter the name you want to use for this carrier in the Carrier Name field (e.g. “FedEx Freight”)
  4. Select “LTL Freight” from the Carrier Type select
  5. Select “FedEx Freight” from the Carrier select
  6. Click Create Carrier

Register for FedEx Freight Credentials

  1. You can open an account on the FedEx website.
  2. Complete the form and a FedEx sales representative will contact you with your new account information.

*If you need assistance you can contact FedEx at 1-800-874-4723

Add Credentials to your Carrier

You have already created the FedEx Freight carrier in ShipperHQ, now you need to go back and add the credentials.

FedEx Freight Credentials


  1. Go to Carriers page and edit the FedEx Freight carrier you created
  2. In the Account settings section you will need to add your credentials
    1. Enter Account Number, Password, Key and Freight Account number (all provided by the FedEx sales rep)
  3. Make sure you check the Validate Credentials against Carrier option