How to Set Up Echo Freight with Credentials


When setting up your Echo Freight carrier in ShipperHQ, you’ll need certain credentials that will allow ShipperHQ to connect to the Echo Freight servers and obtain a rate quote. Follow these directions to obtain the necessary credentials.

Create a Echo Freight Carrier

The first step is to turn on LTL Freight as an advanced feature. Click Features from the ShipperHQ dashboard (left sidebar), then toggle the switch on the LTL Freight Carriers panel. You will then need to create the carrier.

  1. Click on Carriers in the left-hand navbar
  2. Click the Add New button to add a new carrier
  3. Enter the name you want to use the carrier in the Carrier Name field (e.g. “Echo”)
  4. Select ” LTL Freight” from the Carrier Type select
  5. Select “Echo” from the Carrier select
  6. Click Create Carrier

Obtaining Your Credentials

You will need to obtain your Echo Freight API credentials directly from Echo. Your account manager should be able to assist you directly or point you to the correct department.

Adding Credentials to your Echo Freight Carrier

Please be sure to enter your Echo API credentials and not your Echo website login credentials.
    1. Go to the carriers page in the ShipperHQ dashboard
    2. Go to the Echo carrier you created in above steps and select edit
    3. Go to the Account Settings section
    4. Enter the User Name and Password Echo has provided to you
    5. “Validate Credentials against Carrier” should be checked.


When saving your Echo carrier in ShipperHQ the first time after entering your credentials, you will see a validation message when ShipperHQ tests your credentials. If you do not receive the message that the credentials were validated successfully you may see the following errors returned:
Error Message: “Unexpected Error has occurred”
This error generally means that the credentials you entered are either incorrect or have not been given access to the Echo Freight API. You’ll need to contact Echo to confirm that your credentials are correct and that those credentials do have access to the API.
Error Message: “No contract rates found for this lane”
This error usually indicates that your credentials are correct but Echo has not activated access to rating for your API credentials. You will need to contact Echo to get this issue resolved.