Configuring the ShipperHQ Magento 1 Extension


Setting up your website in ShipperHQ gives you the credentials you’ll need to connect your Magento ShipperHQ extension. This document walks you through the basic configuration steps required to connect with ShipperHQ and other configuration options available.

Configuration options are located at System > Configuration > Shipping Methods > ShipperHQ

Installing Magento 1 Extension

Before configuring, you should have read and completed the instructions for installing the Magento 1 Extension for ShipperHQ.

Basic Configuration Steps

  • Enter API Key and Authentication Code created in ShipperHQ
    (This information is located under Websites in ShipperHQ under the new website you set up for your store.)
  • Select Environment Scope to match your ShipperHQ environment scope setting
  • Set Enabled to Yes and
  • Save the configuration settings
  • At Refresh Shipping Methods setting, click Refresh Now button. If your credentials are accurate you will see a successful refresh notification at the top of the configuration screen. Otherwise, please ensure you have entered your credentials correctly and selected a matching scope under Environment Scope. Extension must be enabled for this button to work.
  • Disable all other shipping methods in Magento, this will prevent unexpected results at checkout.


ShipperHQ Configuration Options
Field Name Description
Main Shipping Carrier Title Carrier title displayed when no other carrier title is returned from ShipperHQ
Environment Scope Select the environment scope you have configured in ShipperHQ dashboard
API Key Unique identifier in ShipperHQ for your website
Authentication Code Unique code to authenticate this website with ShipperHQ
Backup Carrier/Method Select a standard Magento shipping carrier to act as a backup, in the unlikely event that ShipperHQ is not responding
Advanced Settings Panel
Field Name Description
Custom Shipping Rates in Admin Allows admin user to manually enter a shipping rate for orders placed via the admin panel
Hide Carrier Notifications At Checkout Some carriers include additional information along with their rates. Use this setting to hide these notifications
Display Transaction ID ShipperHQ support may advise you to use this setting to aid debugging
Timeout (seconds) Set timeout period in seconds to wait for ShipperHQ to return rates before calling backup carrier
Sandbox Mode DO NOT EDIT unless advised by ShipperHQ to do so – Select Yes to use sandbox or test ShipperHQ environment
Sandbox URL DO NOT EDIT – URL to connect to sandbox or test ShipperHQ environment
Live URL DO NOT EDIT – URL to connect to live ShipperHQ environment
Secure URL DO NOT EDIT – URL to securely connect to live ShipperHQ environment
Delivery Comments on Checkout Enable comments field on checkout shipping method page
Enable Suburb Lookup Enable autoprompt for supported countries’ suburbs in cart and checkout
Maximum Number of Results Limit number of shipping carriers displayed
Standard Shipping Panel
Field Name Description
Show Method if Not Applicable Display notification from ShipperHQ if no rates are returned
Displayed Error Message Text to be displayed if ShipperHQ does not return a response
Sort Order Sort order of ShipperHQ rates in Magento

Note: We’ve hidden the settings “Ship to Applicable Countries” and “Ship to Specific Countries” (since versions 20.12.x and above). If you had configured “Ship to Applicable Countries” to Yes and had selected specific countries, these settings will still be visible. We encourage you to instead use ShipperHQ configuration including our Zones feature to modify the applicable ShipperHQ countries.

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