Connecting to DHL Express


This guide goes through how to set up a DHL Carrier for live rate calculation.

Create a new DHL Carrier

When setting up your DHL carrier in ShipperHQ, you’ll need certain credentials that will allow ShipperHQ to connect to the DHL servers and obtain a rate quote. Follow these directions to obtain/set-up the necessary credentials.

Adding DHL carrier from the Marketplace page

  1. Navigate to the Marketplace page from the ShipperHQ Dashboard (left sidebar)
  2. Search for the DHL Carrier under ‘Small Package Carriers’
    • You can filter by carrier type or by installation status using the dropdown menus near the search bar
    • Being to install and validate a selected carrier by clicking the “install” button directly on the listing or click anywhere else on the listing to view a detailed page with more information about the carrier including information required for validating the carrier.
  3. Proceed to the “Obtaining Your Credentials” instructions below and enter the required account information for validation.
  4. Note: Successful installation depends on the accurate entry of the account information required by each carrier. If you do not have the correct information you will not be able to validate your carrier or receive live rates. 
  5. Once validation is successful, you will be presented with the option to enable your carrier right away or configure it further. Selecting configure will take you to the carrier’s details page.

Obtaining your Credentials

  1. To obtain the API username and password that is needed, register on the following website
  2. When registering please indicate you are using ShipperHQ in the field titled, “Describe the application and business process where XML Services will be used.”
  3. Once complete, DHL will send a set of production credentials by the next business day to the email address that was entered during the registration.

If you receive any errors when saving the carrier, review the Troubleshooting steps first. If issues persist, reach out to us at

Adding Credentials to your DHL Carrier

  1. Go to the carriers page in the ShipperHQ dashboard
  2. Since you have already created the carrier, you will now need to edit it
  3. Click on the “Update Credentials” link on the top. That will bring you to the Validation screen.
  4. Click “Begin Validation” under the DHL install screen and enter the DHL API information obtained from before.
  5. ShipperHQ will indicate if validation is successful. You can enable the carrier to start rating by toggling the switch from Disabled to Enabled.
  6. Click “Configure This Carrier” to select your methods and set your DHL settings.

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