DHL Carrier Setup


How to set up DHL for live rate calculation.


Obtaining your Credentials

  1. Fill out the DHL Request Form here and send to your DHL representative
  2. DHL Rep should send you necessary credentials to connect to the carrier in ShipperHQ: Site ID, Password, and Payor Account Number (if you’re using negotiated rates)

Adding Credentials to your DHL Carrier

  1. In ShipperHQ, go to Carriers > Add New > for “Carrier Type” choose Small Package > under “Carriers” list choose DHL > Name your Carrier > Create Carrier
  2. Under “Account Settings” panel, enter the Site ID, Password, and Payor Account Number sent from DHL
  3. Save the Carrier

If you receive any errors when saving the carrier, review the Troubleshooting steps first. If issues persist, reach out to us at