How to Set Up UPS Access Point


This article explains the requirements and steps to take to set up a UPS Access Point®  carrier and how to obtain and add credentials so ShipperHQ can pull live rates. Other UPS services including small package and LTL freight options is also supported on ShipperHQ but are set up separately.

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What is UPS Ship to Access Point?

UPS Access Point®  carrier provides an alternate delivery address to send your customer’s packages to a UPS Access Point® location. Your customers can collect them when it suits their schedule. Locations are hand-selected based on reliability, locale and ease of experience. Customers will be offered a choice of UPS Access Point®  location closest to them based on their delivery address.

UPS Access Point®  service allows you, the merchant. to limit which type of location is offered as a potential delivery location. For example, you can limit options to only those locations that can accept restricted goods e.g. wine. You can also limit locations based on the business type, for example if you sell cakes you may wish to exclude bakeries as potential pick up locations.

ShipperHQ supports UPS Access Point®  carrier with rich functionality on the checkout for Magento v1, allowing customers to select a pickup location and optionally display a map of nearest locations.


eCommerce Platform Support

For customers using the Magento v2 platform, Shopify and Big Commerce, we provide a more basic set of features.

Our UPS Access Point® solution is available in versions of ShipperHQ for Magento 2, Big Commerce, Shopify and WooCommerce. You’ll see in the following screenshot, it allows customers to choose a pickup location from the checkout. We automatically display all the available pickup locations as separate shipping methods.


UPS Access Point® Shipping Setup

Adding UPS Access Point® carrier from the Marketplace page

  1. Navigate to the Marketplace page from the ShipperHQ Dashboard (left sidebar)
  2. Search for the UPS Access Point® Carrier under ‘Small Package Carriers’
    • You can filter by carrier type or by installation status using the dropdown menus near the search bar
    • Being to install and validate a selected carrier by clicking the “install” button directly on the listing or click anywhere else on the listing to view a detailed page with more information about the carrier including information required for validating the carrier.
  3. Proceed to the “Obtaining Your Credentials” and “Adding Credentials to ShipperHQ” instructions below and enter the required account information for validation.
  4. Note: Successful installation depends on the accurate entry of the account information required by each carrier. If you do not have the correct information you will not be able to validate your carrier or receive live rates. 
  5. Once validation is successful, you will be presented with the option to enable your carrier right away or configure it further. Selecting configure will take you to the carrier’s details page.

Obtaining Your Credentials

  1. You need a UPS shipping account to use the service.
  2. Similar to the UPS Parcel carrier, you will want to Fetch your Latest UPS Invoice

Adding Credentials into ShipperHQ

You have already created theUPS Access Point® carrier in ShipperHQ, now you need to go back and add the credentials.

  1. Go to the carriers page in the ShipperHQ dashboard
  2. Since you have already created the carrier, you will now need to edit it
  3. Click on the “Update Credentials” link on the top. That will bring you to the Validation screen.
  4. Click “Begin Validation” under the UPS Access Point® install screen and enter the UPS Invoice information obtained from before.
  5. ShipperHQ will indicate if validation is successful. You can enable the carrier to start rating by toggling the switch from Disabled to Enabled.
  6. Click “Configure This Carrier” to select your methods and set your UPS Access Point® settings.

Troubleshooting Credentials

If you receive a message that includes “UPS Account is not authorized for Hold for Pickup” this feature will need to be enabled on your UPS account. Your UPS account representative will be able to assist with enabling that on your account.

Filtering Pick Up Locations

UPS Access Point®  service allows you, the merchant, to limit which type of location is offered as a potential delivery location. For example, you can limit options to only those locations that can accept restricted goods e.g. wine. You can also limit locations based on the business type.

These options are available on the Account Settings section under the Basic panel of your UPS Access Point®  carrier.