How to Hide Methods Over A Certain Weight, Price, or Quantity


Say you want to hide a certain shipping method when the weight is over X Lbs/Kgs, or when order price is over a certain amount.

For this doc, we’re using the example of hiding methods over 350lbs.

Pre-requisites: Ensure you have your Carrier set up with shipping methods selected/defined.


Part 1: Create your Filter

    1. Click Filters on the dashboard navbar and add a new filter.
    2. Give it a relevant name (i.e. Cart over 350lbs)
    3. Under Filter Applies To select “Whole Cart”
    4. In the Filters panel, select “Range” for the Weight, Price, or Quantity filters (depending on what your threshold is). In our case, we’re setting Weight to “Range”.
    5. Enter a Min and Max value for your filter. If you have no max, then use the No Max checkbox. In our example, we’re setting a min of 350 on weight, and checking No Max.

You now have a filter set up which will match against an order total with more than 350 weight in the cart.

Part 2: Create your Rule

    1. Click on Carrier Rules on the navbar and Add New.
    2. Enter a descriptive Name (e.g. “Hide 2day air when weight is over 350lbs”)
    3. In the “Applicable Shipping Methods” panel, select “2day air” (and every other method that you want hidden when the order is over your threshold).
    4. In the “Conditions” panel, under Weight/Price/Quantity Filters, select the Filter you just set up. For our example, we’re selecting the Over 350lbs filter.
    5. In the Actions panel and the Rule Action section, choose “Hide all shipping methods”.

Rule steps 3, 4, 5

ShipperHQ will now hide 2day air when the weight is over 350.