How to Offer $X Off of Shipping Cost


Say you offer $X off of shipping, and the customer needs to pay the difference for any shipping cost over that amount.

For example: Offering $100 off shipping. If the shipping ends up costing $85.00, ShipperHQ will set the shipping price t0 $0.00. But if the shipping costs $110, ShipperHQ will charge $10.


  1. Go to Shipping Rules click the +New button
  2. In the Basic tab, name the rule “Free shipping up to $100” or something relevant
  3. Under Shipping Methods section, select whichever Shipping Methods you’d like to apply this rule to (i.e. UPS Ground)
  4. In the Actions tab under the “Action to Perform” section set I want to… to “Modify the Price of my selected Shipping Methods” and In Order to… to   “Surcharge or Discount Rates” and “By a Flat Rate”
  5. Enter “-100” for the flat rate and set And Apply This Rate to “Per Cart”
  6. In the Conditions tab, set conditions to the rule if applicable. (For example, if you’re only offering $100 off shipping for certain Shipping Groups, Filters or Shipping Zones)
  7. Save and test the rule

This will tell ShipperHQ to subtract $100 from any rate on the methods you selected in step 3. If the shipping cost returned is under $100, ShipperHQ will set the rate to $0. After the rate passes $100, the customer will pay for the difference.

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