Free Shipping to Specific Zone


One common scenario in shipping is where you offer Free Shipping to just a specific zone. A common scenario would be just allowing Free Shipping to the US 48.

No matter your scenario, you can use ShipperHQ’s Carrier Rule logic to allow Free Shipping to certain zones.


  • You’ll need at least one Carrier set up in ShipperHQ
  • You’ll need to have your Zone defined that you want to give Free Shipping to.


  1. We’ll be using a Carrier Rule to set this up so click on Carrier Rules in the left-hand navbar in your ShipperHQ dashboard
  2. Click the Add New + button to add a new Carrier Rule
  3. In the Overview panel, enter a Name for your Carrier Rule. Something like “Free UPS Ground for US 48”

  4. Under Applicable Shipping Methods, select the method (or methods if you’re offering multiple free options) that you want to be free when this rule applies
  5. Under Conditions, select the Zone  that should receive free shipping in the Apply to Zones field. If any other restrictions apply (for example, this promotion only applies to specific Shipping Groups or Customer Groups this is where you would set up these restrictions)

  6. In the Actions panel, set the Action to Perform to “Set/Surcharge Shipping Methods” and Adapt Shipping Rates to “Set Rates”. Then, under Set/Modify Shipping Rate enter “0.00” as the Shipping Rate.