How to Set Free Shipping on Certain Items Only


This guide goes through how to offer free shipping on certain items only.

Common Examples for this scenario are Free Shipping on regular items, but not Hazardous, or Free Shipping on smaller items, but not large items.


This doc assumes you have:

  • A validated and working Live Rate Carrier, or configured Table Rate Carrier
  • A Shipping Group defined for products that get free shipping (i.e. FREE)


For this example, FedEx Ground will provide free shipping ($0.00) for only “FREE” products.

  1. Go to Shipping Rules in the left-hand navigation and click the +New button
  2. On the Basic tab, name your rule something relevant e.g. Free Ground for Free Items ONLY
  3. Under the “I want to…” section select “choose an action*” to override rates, and set By a Flat Rate to “0”
  4. Under “And Apply This Rate To…“, select “Each Shipping Group In the Cart”
  5. A field will appear below called “Apply To These Shipping Groups”, assign your “FREE” group to this field
  6. Scroll down to “For These Shipping Methods…”, to assign the specified methods select “Add Methods” and then your method, e.g. FedEx Ground
  7. OPTIONAL – If you wish for this rule to apply to a specific shipping zone, you can scroll down to “Zones Include”. Here you can select from the drop down menu to create new zone, or assign an existing zone.
  8. Save and test your Shipping Rule.

The outcome will be that if FREE items are in the cart alone then Ground/Home will be free shipping. If FREE Is with other goods then shipping will be calculated on the non-free goods only.

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