How Do I Restrict to Specific Method When a Certain Product is in the Cart?


SCENARIO: You want the cart to restrict to specific method when a certain item is in the order. For example, showing 2 day shipping for specific products only, and hiding it other times.

In ShipperHQ this can be set up by hiding certain methods when any product that doesn’t get this method is in the cart.


Part 1: Create a Shipping Group

  1. Click on “Shipping Groups” on the left nav and add a new one. Don’t worry about any of the advanced settings. Make a name for your shipping group. For this example, we’re naming it “QUICK”

Part 2: Create the New Carrier Rule

  1. Click on “Carrier Rules” on the left nav, and then click “Add New +”.
  2. Enter a name for this rule, something appropriate for you.
  3. In the “Applicable Shipping Methods” section, choose the shipping method that will be affected by this rule. In this example, that would be the 2nd Day option.
  4. In the “Conditions” section, find the drop down Must include all these Shipping Group(s) and select “All products not assigned to to a Shipping Group”. If you have other Shipping Groups that are not the “QUICK” one created in part 1, select those as well.
  5. In the “Actions” section, find the drop down called “Action to Perform” and choose “Hide Shipping Methods”
  6. Save the rule.

Your 2nd Day shipping will now be hidden unless the Shipping Group “QUICK” is in the cart.