Offer USPS for PO Boxes, UPS for all other US addresses


Your primary carrier may be UPS for all US shipments, but you also want to offer delivery to PO Boxes. Since UPS isn’t allowed to delivery to PO Boxes, you’ll need to use USPS to delivery to PO Box addresses. ShipperHQ allows you to restrict carriers to be offered only to certain Zones so that you can choose exactly what carrier to offer depending on your customer’s address.


This example assumes that you have both a UPS and USPS carrier set up and validated in ShipperHQ.


  1. On the Carriers page in your ShipperHQ dashboard, click the Edit button on your USPS carrier
  2. Under the Display Restrictions panel, select the pre-defined “US POBox” Zone in the Restrict to Zones field
  3. Save your USPS carrier


USPS will now only be shown if a customer enters a PO Box address.

Other Options

You can restrict a carrier to multiple Zones so you may wish to create a Zone containing the Armed Forces “States” so that USPS is offered for APO addresses as well as PO Box addresses.