How to set a fixed rate for a shipping group


A common scenario is to set a fixed rate for one or more shipping option(s) or method(s) when a certain shipping group is in the cart. In this article, we’ll use the example of setting a fixed rate on the UPS Ground shipping method if the order has products assigned to the “Perishable” shipping group in the cart.


  1. In ShipperHQ, ensure you have your UPS Carrier set with UPS Ground as an available shipping method.
  2. Create a Shipping Group, in our case, we’ll call it “Perishable”. Don’t set any settings at this time.
  3. Click on Carrier Rules on the navbar and add a new Rule, name it whatever you like. For example, we’ll name ours “$5.99 on UPS ground for Perishable items”.
  4. Select UPS Ground in the Live Shipping Methods Assigned list under the Applicable Shipping Methods panel (You can select more then one method if you wish to set the fixed rate for multiple methods.)
  5. Next, in the Conditions panel, select “Perishable” under the “Includes One or More of These Shipping Groups”. This is the shipping group you created in the beginning.
  6. In the Actions panel and the Rule Action section, choose “Set/Surcharge Shipping Methods” from the Action to Perform drop-down. In the Adapt Shipping Rates/Percentage drop-down choose “Set Rates”. After that “Per Shipping group” will show up, and from the drop-down called Apply to Shipping Group(s) select “Perishable”.
  7. In the Set/Modify Shipping Rate section of the Actions panel, enter the $X amount to set rate in the Shipping Rate field.
  8. Save your rule.

After you save this rule, and once there is a product assigned to the “Perishable” shipping group, they’ll always override their live UPS cost to $5.99 per the assigned shipping method(s) in the rule.

Side Note: Please keep in mind that you have the option of setting the rate by each item in the shipping group, the entire cart, origin  or per each box the “Perishable” items have packed into from the drop-down of Apply Shipping Rate/Percentage drop down.