How to Configure Customer Groups in ShipperHQ


ShipperHQ allows you to set rules against customer groups based on the groups set in your eCommerce platform.

Please Note: this is not currently supported on Shopify or WooCommerce. For Shopify Plus, you may be able to use a Shopify Checkout Script to achieve similar results.

This feature is disabled by default. This doc explains how to switch this on and set up a basic Customer Group rule.

Enable Customer Groups in ShipperHQ

  1. On the Shipping Rules page in ShipperHQ, click the “Rules Settings” link in the top right corner.
  2. Set Customer Groups dropdown to “Yes”
  3. Once this is enabled, you’ll see a “Customer Groups” option in your left-hand navbar and will have Customer Groups as a condition on Shipping Rules.


In ShipperHQ you’ll need to define Customer Groups which match the ones you have set up in your eCommerce Platform.

  1. After enabling via above steps, you will see “Customer Groups” in your lefthand nav
  2. Click on Customer Groups in lefthand nav and  “+New”
  3. Set the Customer Group name. Ensure the name you use in ShipperHQ matches the name for the customer group set up in your eCommerce platform. It is case sensitive.

Using Customer Groups in Shipping Rules

To offer a different set of shipping options or rates to customers based on their group you’ll need to use the Customer Groups Include field when you set up your Shipping Rules in ShipperHQ.

Once enabled via steps at the beginning of this doc, the field is shown under the Conditions panel (see screenshot below)

Default Customer Groups in BigCommerce

While Customer Groups are supported by default in BigCommerce, it is often useful to have a default customer group applied to customers where no specific customer group has been set. By default, BigCommerce does not assign a default customer group but can be configured to do so. BigCommerce supports setting a different default customer group for Guests vs. Registered Users. See the BigCommerce Help Center for how to set up defaults.

Once you’ve defined these defaults in BigCommerce, you can set up corresponding groups in ShipperHQ and use those to apply specific Shipping Rules to certain groups.

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