How to Create Surcharge Rates Over a Certain Weight Threshold


Use this guide to create a surcharge for a shipping method when the weight is over X Lbs/Kgs.


Before you begin, please ensure you have the following:

  • Your Carrier set up with shipping methods selected and defined.


  1. Log in to your ShpperHQ account.
  2. Navigate to the Shipping Rules > Filters dashboard.
  3. Click the + New to add a new filter.
  4. Input the name of the filter into the Name field. Example: Over 350 filter.
  5. Select the Whole Cart option for the Filter Applies To dropdown menu.
  6. Scroll down to the Filter by Weight section.
  7. Select the Apply to a Range option for the Set Weight Filter to dropdown menu.
  8.  Input the miniumum weight value in the From field that triggers the surcharge. Example: 350 lbs
  9.  Check the No Maximum Weight checkbox.
  10. Click the Save button.
  11.  Navigate to the Shipping Rules > All Shipping Rules dashboard.
  12. Click the + New to add a new rule.
  13. Input the name of the shipping rule into the Shipping Rule Name field. Example: Surchagre 2day air when weight is over 350.
  14. Click the Add Methods button under the Live Shipping Methods Assigned option from the Shipping Methods section.
  15. Select the desired shipping method(s) to apply the Surcharge when the weight reaches the shipping weight filter created in step 8. Example: 2nd Day.
  16. Click the Add button.
  17. Click the Action tab.
  18. Select the Modify the Price of my selected Shipping Methods option from the I Want To…* dropdown menu.
  19. Select the Surcharge and Discount Rates option from the In order To…* dropdown menu.
  20. Input the surcharge amount into the By a Flat Rate field.
  21. Select the Per Cart option from the And Apply This Rate… dropdown menu.
  22. Click the Conditions tab.
  23. Select the filter created in step 8 from the Weight/Price/Quantity Is dropdown menu.
  24. Click the Save button.
  25. Click the Test Your Rates icon to verify the surcharge functions as expected.

Per this example, ShipperHQ now creates a surcharge for 2day air when the weight is over 350lbs.

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