How to Add a Surcharge on Certain Items in the Cart


Say you sell a certain group of items and want to surcharge shipping by a certain amount when any of these items are in the cart.

This example assumes that you’re using UPS Ground for shipping and have your UPS carrier set up already. For this example, we’ll call the group BULKY, and surcharge by $5.

Concepts Used in this Example


  1. Create a new Shipping Group (for this example, we call ours BULKY)
  2. In your eCommerce Platform, assign this Shipping Group to the appropriate products
  3. In ShipperHQ, create a new Shipping Rule
    1. In the Basic tab, enter a meaningful name like “Surcharge Bulky $5”
    2. Under the Shipping Methods section, select “UPS Ground” in the Live Shipping Methods Assigned field
    3. In the Actions tab under the “Action to Perform” section set I want to… to “Modify the Price of my selected Shipping Methods” and In Order to… to   “Surcharge or Discount Rates” and “By a Flat Rate”
    4. Enter “5” for the flat rate and set And Apply This Rate to “Per Shipping Group”
    5. In the Conditions tab, select the “BULKY” Shipping Group in the Shipping Group(s) Includes ALL field
    6. Save and test this shipping rule

With the above configuration, a $5 surcharge will be added to any order which includes at least one item from the BULKY Shipping Group.

Other Options

In this example, we’ve added a single surcharge regardless of how many BULKY items are in the cart. There are many other options for how this is handled. For example, you may want to charge per item, or only add this surcharge if the order total is under a certain subtotal or over a certain weight. More information about these options are available in the Shipping Rules section.

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