How to Use Rule Processing Order


Rule Processing Order is a feature within the Carrier Rules engine that is very useful in specific scenarios. This will allow you to set which rules should come first in the chain of command in ShipperHQ. For example: You want to set a per unit charge, then add a percentage charge on top of the total. First step you’ll need to do is make a Carrier Rule.

Setting up Carrier Rules

  • The first step you’ll need to do is turn on ‘Rule Processing Order’. Carrier Rules–>Settings–>Apply Actions–>Rule Processing Order, flip to ‘Yes’–>Apply.

  • Next you’ll configure your Carrier Rule, navigate to the Advanced tab and all the way on the bottom you’ll see Advanced Actions. Within this, you’ll see the ‘Rule Processing Order’ field. This is where you can specify how much of a priority each rule has. We recommend if you’re going to use Rule Processing Order, setting a value on all of your Carrier Rules.

  • The numbers can vary between 0= highest priority and 999=lowest. Another option is the ‘Stop further Rule Processing’ check. This will tell ShipperHQ once this rule has been applied, stop processing Carrier Rules.
Tip! When applying the rule processing order try setting the order in 10s (10, 20, 30) or 100s. This way if you add a carrier rule later you can set the priority between other carrier rules without changing the processing order for all of the other carrier rules


Once this is set up correctly, you can then set the order of which Carrier Rules will apply. This will give you the ability to structure your rules off on how you’d like them to apply.


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