How Do I Add a Surcharge or Discount for a Certain Zone?


Let’s say you want to add a surcharge or discount when shipping to AK, HI, or even P.O. Boxes. With ShipperHQ you can set up surcharges or discounts for shipments to specific areas.


To set up this rule, use the instructions below:

  1. Create a new shipping zone for the areas where you want the surcharge or discount to apply (in this case my ‘Zone A’)
  2. Go to Shipping Rules in the left-hand navigation and click the +New button
  3. Name your rule something relevant e.g. Colorado Surcharge (this can be done at any time)
  4. Under the “I want to…” section, set choose your action to either Surcharge or Discount
  5. Set “By a Flat Rate” to desired amount you wish to charge/surcharge, alternatively you can also set the surcharge to be based on a percentage of either the order value or shipping price returned
  6. Under “For These Shipping Methods…” select “Add Methods” and select the method you wish to surcharge/discount
  7. Scroll down to “Perform The Action When….“, under “Zones Include” select your specified zone (e.g. Colorado Zone).
  8. Save your rule to apply changes.

This rule will now apply in checkout to your selected methods for the Shipping Zone specified.

It’s important to note that Shipping Rule surcharges/discounts will not display as a separate line item. They will instead be included within the rate as a total. If you require these fee changes to be stated in checkout, it may be worth considering re-naming your methods to include the added fees or to state within your platform’s checkout that these fees apply under certain zones.
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