How to Hide All Shipping Methods


In some cases, you may want to prevent any rates from returning. I.E. if you do not ship to certain locations.

Please Note: On some platforms, you can set an error message against the hidden rates. The error message is not currently supported on BigCommerce or Shopify platforms.


  1. Go to Shipping Rules and create a new Carrier Rule
  2. In the Basic panel, give it a name that is relevant to the rule (i.e.: “No Rates to Zone X”)
  3. Shipping Methods panel, highlight all shipping method options in both boxes.
  4. Conditions tab, select your necessary conditions. I.E. if you are preventing shipping to a specific Shipping Zone, then you will choose the Shipping Zone you don’t ship to under Zones Includes.
  5. In Actions panel, select Hide my selected Shipping Methods
  6. Some platforms only: If you are on Magento 1, 2, or Zoey platforms, you can check the “Show Error Message when this Rule Applies” box (see screenshot below for reference)
  7. Enter the error message you want to display.

Voila! All shipping method options will be hidden when your chosen conditions match.

Test Your Rates

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