How to set up Enhanced Checkout on Shopify


Enhanced Checkout empowers you to integrate with headless commerce solutions and PWA themes to offer the fastest and most customizable buying experience possible! As a merchant, you can set expectations you can deliver on with total control over your shipping strategy and checkout, offer your customers the delivery methods, rates, and dates that work best for them and increase cart value by showing the most compelling shipping options for every item.

When you install Enhanced Checkout on Shopify, you will be able to:

  • Show delivery dates for each shipping method
  • Allow users to select their delivery date from the calendar view
  • Allow users to select their in-store pickup location and view on a map
  • Allow users to select their pickup time

Enhanced Checkout on Shopify does not currently support:

  • Split checkout for products from different origins
  • Freight accessorials


Make sure these conditions are met before setting up Enhanced Checkout

  1. Enhanced Checkout is only available on Shopify Plus
  2. Checkout Extensions are not supported, therefore Enhanced Checkout will not work for stores created from scratch in which Shopify automatically enables Checkout Extensions.
  3. An active ShipperHQ Enterprise plan
  4. The Shipping Insights advanced feature must be active. If it is not active when activating the Enhanced Checkout feature, Shipping Insights will automatically activate.

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Within your ShipperHQ dashboard, navigate to Manage Shipping > Advanced Features and activate both the Shipping Insights and Enhanced Checkout features.
    The Shipping Insights feature is required when activating Enhanced Checkout. Shipping Insights will automatically activate if it has not already been activated. If your plan restricts the number of features you can activate, this will count as two features in use.

  2. When enabling Shipping Insights, once you’ve read and agreed to the terms and conditions to allow ShipperHQ to store shipment information, check the I agree to allow ShipperHQ… checkbox then click Proceed
  3. Click the Ok, thanks button. Shipping Insights is now activated on your ShipperHQ account. 
  4. Navigate to Websites > Integrations Tab and copy the Access Token
  5. Insert the code snippet below into your checkout.liquid template. Be sure to replace the Access Token and update the URLs for your live environment.

    window.shqCheckoutData = {
    "*retrieve from the dashboard*",
    endpoint: ""
    <div id="ec"></div>
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="" />
    <script src="" type="module" async></script>

Additional Features to use with Enhanced Checkout

  1. In order to display the expected delivery date per shipping method, you will need to activate the Delivery Date & Time advanced feature. Once activated, configure your Date & Time settings on each individual carrier.
    Learn more about configuring Delivery Date & Time

  2. In order to offer in-store pickup in Enhanced Checkout, you will need to activate the In-store Pickup advanced feature. Once activated, you will need to add all relevant In-store Pickup carriers and pickup locations.
    Learn more about configuring In-store Pickup

Using Enhanced Checkout on Shopify

Known limitations & deficiencies

On the Shipping Page in your Shopify checkout, taxes are not recalculated dynamically. When a customer selects a shipping option that changes the shipping rate, we are unable to recalculate taxes for this rate.

Why can’t we recalculate taxes? Shopify deprecated their Tax API after partnering with Avalara and ShipperHQ does not currently integrate with the Alavara AvaTax API.

We have added hidden properties to Line items and order Shipping/Billing Addresses:

  • Hidden properties will be automatically removed from the shipping address after the order is placed, so merchants fulfilling the order will not see unexpected information.
  • Billing address is not editable so hidden properties cannot be removed
  • Line items are not editable so hidden properties cannot be removed
Why am I seeing hidden properties? Shopify caches shipping rates, therefore it is not possible to force Shopify to refetch shipping rates without modifying the cart.

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