Enable Calendar & Pickup on BigCommerce


Offer granular control for shoppers at checkout by implementing a calendar with date & time slot selectors for pickup and delivery, and offer in-store pickup options with map and store info.

This feature is currently in Beta and only available to ShipperHQ Enterprise customers.
Split checkout, freight accessorial selectors, address type selector, and custom carrier fields are not supported at this time.

Getting Started

Contact ShipperHQ to access the ShipperHQ Plus App for BigCommerce. This app provides ShipperHQ Enterprise customers access to new features and services.

Enable the Feature in BigCommerce

After you’ve installed the ShipperHQ Plus App for BigCommerce you’ll need to do the following:

  1. Add a custom address field called SHQ_UPDATE_HASH – the name must match exactly, the field type should be text
  2. From the SHQ Plus app go to Advanced Features in the left-hand navigation and enable the feature Enhanced Checkout from the Advanced Features list.

The Enhanced Checkout checkout experience will automatically install itself into the checkout. After ~5 minutes, when the rating system moves over to Enhanced Checkout, the installation will be complete.

NOTE: It may take up to 5 minutes for the Enhanced Checkout experience to install and appear at checkout. In the interim rates may be unavailable on your store’s website.

Optional post-install checks

  1. Confirm the Enhanced Checkout script has been installed. In the BC admin go to Storefront > Script Manager, and confirm an entry exists for ‘ShipperHQ EC’. Do not modify the script, just confirm its presence. The EC experience will not be present in the checkout without it.
  2. Confirm the Shipping Insights App Extension has been installed. In the BC admin go to Orders. Click the ... next to any order. There should be an entry in the menu to ‘View Order In ShipperHQ’.
  3. If after 5 minutes no rates return at checkout or you’re seeing 3 pulsing blue dots in the shipping method section at checkout that never finish loading, first try clearing all cookies and caches then starting a new checkout.
  4. If rates still aren’t loading after clearing caches/cookies then check for any shipping errors in the BC Store logs and forward them to ShipperHQ to help diagnose the issue.


I’m only seeing the normal presentation of shipping methods, not the new Enhanced Checkout experience

Solution: Go to the Websites tab in the SHQ+ App and edit your website. Under the integrations Tab, delete the existing EC token and generate a new one.

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