Standard Checkout vs Enhanced Checkout in Magento 2

There are two core differences between Enhanced and Standard Checkout. Enhanced Checkout will have an improved:

  1. Split Checkout
  2. Shipping Insights

With ShipperHQ’s Enhanced Checkout, merchants can offer their customers an Amazon-style checkout with split shipping so customers can choose their preferred delivery options for each individual shipment. This technology allows for a fully-responsive checkout experience with instant rate returns and minimal maintenance.

Enhanced Checkout gives merchants the ability to offer convenient delivery options buyers want to see, including Buy Online Pickup In-Store (BOPIS), time-slot delivery, and calendar date selection. In addition, Shipping Insights will empower merchants to automate and improve the efficiency of post-order processes and fulfillment with robust order details including packing specifications, shipping rates and methods, and dispatch dates, etc.

Feature Support Overview

FeatureM2 Standard CheckoutEnhanced Checkout
Calendar SelectorSupportedSupported
Time Slot SelectorSupportedSupported
In-Store Pickup Map and Location SelectorSupportedSupported
Freight accessorialsSupportedSupported
Residential/Commercial selectorSupportedSupported
Split checkoutNot SupportedSupported
Customer’s Own CarrierSupportedSupported
TooltipsSome SupportSupported
Customizable StylesSome SupportSupported
Shipping Insights GraphQL APINot SupportedSupported

Split Checkout

Split checkout offers a completely different experience on the standard ShipperHQ checkout compared to Enhanced Checkout.

With Standard Checkout

In Magento 2, Standard Checkout with Multi-origin functionality can be enabled, but it will display the default standard checkout view. The rates that will display can be configured from the Multi-origin advanced feature, but by default, the customer will see merged rates. By combining the price and not being able to display multiple delivery dates, transparency to the customer is lost and can contribute to cart abandonment.

With Enhanced Checkout

Orders with multiple products in the cart that will not be in the same shipment are split into separate shipments so the customer can select their preferred delivery option per shipment, including time-blocked pickups. Not only will this provide the customer with total cost transparency, but it will also give them visibility as to possible delivery dates, pickup times, and locations.

Customizable Styles

Merchants can customize their checkout to use their colors, fonts, and general styles with their own CSS overrides. It is also possible to translate fields to give them their own names based on your locale. Learn more about theming Enhanced Checkout here.

View your Orders

With Standard Checkout

Standard checkout provides some details about the shipment such as origins and shipping methods. For orders coming from a single origin, it provides a quick view of shipping details such as origin, rate, and shipping methods.

With Enhanced Checkout

With Enhanced Checkout Shipping Insights, you gain access to more rich shipping data in the admin panel. You will be able to see exactly what the user selected for each shipment and obtain carrier, method, packing, and dispatch & delivery data all in one place.


GraphQL API access

With Shipping Insights, merchants and agencies can develop custom integrations by pulling data directly from the API. This keeps data transfer as lightweight as possible and also allows developers to make custom integrations with the enhanced checkout data.

Ready for PWA integration

Our React components and GraphQL API make it possible to integrate into Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). This is important as merchants transition into more API-driven headless ecommerce. Please note that while Enhanced Checkout can be integrated into PWA storefronts, we do not currently have a pre-built integration with Magento PWA Studio.

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