Explaining the LTL method on 3PL carriers


When editing the configuration of most 3PL freight carriers (see list below) you’ll see a shipping method called “LTL”.

If you select “LTL”, ShipperHQ will automatically display all methods returned by the carrier, regardless of if you have selected them individually from the list. Effectively, once you select “LTL” the other method selections don’t matter. This can be a timesaver as there are a lot of methods to be selected and you may not need to make individual choices, depending on your desired configuration.

For some 3PL carriers, this can also be used along with the “Show Cheapest Carrier” option which appears under the carrier’s Account Settings.

To be clear, a method named “LTL” will not itself return from the carrier; whether using the “LTL” method with or without “Show Cheapest Carrier”, the returned methods will still be listed with their original method names and codes.

List of 3PL Freight carriers.

Using Shipping Rules with 3PL methods

If you do not need to apply shipping rules to the methods from a 3PL, then you can simply enable the LTL method to return all methods from this carrier. However if you wish to use Shipping Rules to make changes to the individual methods or control when they appear, you must individually enable each of the carrier’s shipping methods that you wish to use.

The LTL Freight feature is required to use any of the mentioned carriers above.

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