Estimated Delivery Date/Calendar Configuration


Merchants may want to show Estimated Delivery on Shipping Methods. ShipperHQ Supports showing:

  1. Shipping Rates only
  2. Rates with estimated delivery date
  3. Rates with the estimated time in transit (e.g. 3 days)
  4. Rates with a Calendar for selecting the date you wish the order to be delivered for (this feature is not available on BigCommerce or Shopify)

We support these time/date options on the following Carriers:

  1. UPS
  2. FedEx
  3. Custom Offline
  4. Pitney (estimated delivery days only)


*Note:If you are on Magento 2.x.x and trying to set up Calendar , you will need to email and ask for access to private satis repository for ShipperHQ’s module-calendar and module-pickup packages. 

In order to enable these features:

1. Under Features tab in left navigation, enable Date & Time from the menu screen (screenshot below)

2. Once enabled, go back to Carriers

Live Rate Carriers

1. Under the Live Rate carrier (UPS, FedEx, or Pitney) look for the Calendar Settings section

2. Click on the dropdown to choose between displaying Rates-only, Estimated Delivery, Time in Transit, or Calendar (See screenshot.)

NOTE: Calendar not available for BigCommerce or Shopify

Calendar under Carriers

3. Update any settings around Lead Times, Cut-off Times, or Blackout Dates

4. Save the Carrier

Now your Live Rate Carrier will show Estimated Delivery or Estimated Time in Transit with the Shipping Rates and methods.


Table Rate Carriers

1. Look for the Shipping Methods section and edit your methods to add Lead Times. The leads times you set here will affect the Estimated Delivery shown against the method.



2. After lead times are set against the methods, Save the Carrier.

You should now be set to show Estimated Delivery, or estimated Time in Transit against shipping methods.

For more information on customizing the text displayed for your estimated delivery dates and time in transit, read about our explanatory text on the checkout.