How to Troubleshoot Origin Issues


In the event you run across the issue where your Origin Assignment isn’t being followed, or rates aren’t being calculated out of the right Origin, this doc will outline initial steps to take for diagnosing the problem.

Are products set to come out of all Origins?

If you think the Origin assignment on your product isn’t working, double check that you don’t have ShipperHQ defaulted to assume all products out of all origins. If all products are set to come from all warehouses, specific Origin Assignments will be ignored.

Check this under Websites > edit your website entry > make sure “All products belong to All assigned Origins” is unchecked.

Are Origins set on your Product Attributes?

This is especially important on platforms like BigCommerce, Shopify, and WooCommerce, since Origins are assigned via text field it leaves room for typos and errors.

Typos or Misspells? Double check that the Origin Name set on your products matches exactly what’s in ShipperHQ. The field is case sensitive.

Assigned to More than one? If a product is assigned to more than one origin, make sure you’re using the hash (#) to separate the origin names. EXAMPLE: if my product comes from 3 warehouses, I’d assign it as Origin A#Origin B#Origin C

  • NOTE: You may use commas instead of the hash, but we recommend the hash.

Example: Origin Locations assignment on Product in BigCommerce