How to Email Each Origin/Store Within An Order for Magento


ShipperHQ offers the ability to automatically email each origin or store within a order the order details pertinent to that origin or store.

This article will walk you through the steps required to configure this functionality.

Please note: This feature is currently only supported on Magento 1 and Zoey.

ShipperHQ Dashboard Configuration

Inside ShipperHQ under each Origin you can set the email address to use when items from that origin are ordered or store pickup is selected for items that are in the order, and whether to actually send the email and when.

Choices are:

  • Never: The email functionality is disabled for that origin or store
  • On Place Order: As soon as a new order is created
  • On Create Invoice: As soon as a invoice is raised

Magento Configuration

  1. Navigate to System->Transactional Email Templates within your Magento admin panel
  2. Click Add New Template
  3. Choose from the Template drop down menu New ShipperHQ Shipment and click Load Template
  4. Enter a meaningful name for the template in Template Name. I would use something like ShipperHQ New Shipment
  5. Click Save Template. We don’t recommend editing the template until you have the email functionality workingMagento admin panel, transactional email section

Configuring Magento to use the new transactional template

  1. Navigate to System->Configuration->Sales Emails->ShipperHQ Order Emails
  2. Change this section to be enabled.
  3. Change the drop down menu New Order Confirmation Template to the template you’ve just created
  4. Change the New Order Confirmation Email Sender to the email address you’d like the email for the shipments to be sent from
  5. Click Save


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