Setting up Custom Carriers


Custom rate carriers allow you to define your own delivery rates or pickup options available during checkout.

Types of Custom Rate Carriers

Carrier Description Further Details
Table Rates A highly flexible rate matrix based on any combination of destination, product, price, quantity, weight and customer group rules. Table Rates
Flat Rate A single fixed rate that can be set for specific packages or a distance radius, etc. Flat Rate Carrier
Free Shipping A quick and easy way to show a “Free Shipping” option Free Shipping Carrier
In-Store Pickup A checkout option for in-store pickup. Set a distance radius, add pickup locations and control the method name that displays in checkout In-Store Pickup Carrier
Same Day A fixed rate specifically for same-day deliveries that allows you to set lead and cutoff times as well as blackout dates Same Day Carrier
Customer Account A shipping option that allows your customers to ship using their own freight or courier account<br/>(Currently only supported on Magento 1, Magento 2 and Zoey) Customer Account

Setting up a Custom Carrier

To add a new custom carrier:

  1. Go to the Carriers page from the ShipperHQ Dashboard left-hand navigation
  2. Select “+New” button
    Click New to add a carrier
  3. Select Custom Rate Carrier from the carrier types
    Add custom Rate Carrier
  4. Select the type of custom carrier you would like
    Select custom carrier type
  5. Enter a name for this carrier. This name is the name that will be shown in the checkout to the customer. You can change this name at any time.
  6. Custom Carrier will be added successfully and you can continue to configure the carrier.

With each custom rate carrier type being so unique, you will want to use the links above to find instructions on how to configure each one.

Next Steps

You may want to set up Shipping Rules to show your custom rate carrier in one scenario and show another carrier in a different scenario. Or, you may want to explore other options like Dimensional Shipping so you can ensure you are charging the most accurate rates.

Note: Flat & Free carriers do not support free shipping promo rules or dimensional shipping. If you have multiple flat and/or free shipping methods and/or the rate varies based on price/weight/quantity/customer group/products a table rates carrier will be easier to maintain and is compatible with dimensional shipping and promo rules.

Example Scenarios:

  1. You offer Promotional Rating e.g. offer flat rate shipping whenever small items are in the cart alone
  2. You have no direct control over fulfillment operations and have been given a custom rate table
  3. When there is not an API for your chosen carrier (often regional/local couriers)
  4. Where you need multiple shipping methods to be displayed with pricing according to weight/zone/price/etc

When to Show Free Shipping

ShipperHQ gives you the option to set up Free Shipping and In-Store Pickup as separate carriers or you can create a Flat Rate or Table Rate carrier which includes these as shipping methods.

You would want to show Free Shipping as a separate carrier if:

  • If you don’t want to specify what method you will be shipping the order by
  • If you offer free shipping but want to have the ability to offer other methods as well
  • If you are running a promotion

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