Setting up Custom Carriers


Custom rate carriers allow you to define one or more custom shipping methods and rates which customers can choose on checkout.

These carriers can be:

  1. Custom-rate carriers like free shipping, table rates, or flat rates
  2. Special carriers like In-Store Pickup.

Example Scenarios:

  1. You offer Promotional Rating e.g. offer flat rate shipping whenever small items are in the cart alone
  2. You have no direct control over fulfillment operations and have been given a custom rate table
  3. When there is not an API for your chosen carrier (often regional/local couriers)
  4. Where you need multiple shipping methods to be displayed with pricing according to weight/zone/price/etc

When to Show Free Shipping

ShipperHQ gives you the option to set up Free Shipping and In-Store Pickup as separate carriers or you can create a Flat Rate or Table Rate carrier which includes these as shipping methods.

You would want to show Free Shipping as a separate carrier if:

  • If you don’t want to specify what method you will be shipping the order by
  • If you offer free shipping but want to have the ability to offer other methods as well
  • If you are running a promotion

How Custom Carriers Work in ShipperHQ

Once you set the rates and options for your custom carrier, ShipperHQ shows these rates as shipping options in the checkout.

Types of Custom Carriers

Carrier Description Further Details
Table Rates Define one or more custom methods based on a combination of zone, price, weight, quantity, customer group and/or shipping group Table Rates
Flat1 A custom carrier with a single, flat-rate shipping method Flat Rate Carrier
Free1 A custom carrier with a single, zero-rate shipping method Free Shipping Carrier
Same Day A custom carrier with one or two flat rate shipping methods based on same-day delivery Same Day Carrier
Customer Account2 A carrier designed for customers to enter the name and contact details of their own carrier Customer Account
In-Store Pickup Set up In-Store Pickup for single or multiple locations plus availability In-Store Pickup Carrier Configuration
  1. Flat & Free carriers do not support free shipping promo rules or dimensional shipping.
    If you have multiple flat and/or free shipping methods and/or the rate varies based on price/weight/quantity/customer group/products a table rates carrier will be easier to maintain and is compatible with dimensional shipping and promo rules.
  2. The customer account carrier type is not available with all ecommerce platforms as it is incompatible

Setting up a Custom Carrier

To create a new custom carrier:

  1. Go to the Carriers page from the ShipperHQ Dashboard (left sidebar)
  2. Select Add New

  3. Select Custom Carrier from the presented options
  4. Select the type of custom carrier you would like
  5. Enter a name for this carrier

At this point the carrier will be created and you can choose to configure it further, add another carrier, or come back later to finish setting it up or make changes.

With Custom Carriers you can set up either a table rate or carrier rules, or in fact use both. Which you choose is entirely up to you. We have found that when customers have a lot of rates, managing via the table-based mechanism is far more efficient than having hundreds of carrier rules.

Next Steps

You may want to set up Carrier Rules to show your custom rate carrier in one scenario and show another carrier in a different scenario. Or, you may want to explore other options like Dimensional Shipping so you can ensure you are charging the most accurate rates.


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