Integrate ShipperHQ with Order Management or Fulfillment Software


At ShipperHQ, we understand you have unique business processes and we do our best to help you integrate those with our shipping solution.

If you are looking to build an integration or configure your post order systems, we’ve included some detail below on the shipping information we store in Magento and how to access it.

In general, we recommend you use the shipping method field on an order to map or process your orders automatically. For example, the shipping description would be “USPS Priority Mail”, however the shipping method on the order is saved as “shqups_priority”. This is more reliable and repeatable than using the shipping description field on an order.  The shipping description can be altered by translation on your site or any expected delivery dates you may include in your display. The shipping method will remain constant for this carrier and method, regardless of display differences.

Magento 1

  • ShipperHQ sets the shipping method and shipping description on an order.
  • It also saves additional information for each order in custom columns on the order table and order items table
  • You  can access these values using direct calls e.g. $order->getData(“liftgate_required”) or by using the  order API to extract
  • You can view what is available by reviewing the order table “sales_flat_order” on your Magento installation – some common and useful columns are
    • carrier_id:
    • carrier_type
    • dispatch_date
    • shq_delivery_comments
    • delivery_date
    • destination_type
    • carriergroup_shipping_htm
    • liftgate_required
    • notify_required
    • inside_delivery
    • freight_quote_id
    • customer_carrier
    • customer_carrier_ph
    • customer_carrier_account
    • pickup_location
    • pickup_location_id
    • time_slot
    • pickup_latitude
    • pickup_longitude
    • limited_delivery
  • Note if this is a “split” or “merged rate” order – the above columns won’t be populated, and all of the data will be housed in the column “carriergroup_shipping_details” in JSON format. This contains an array with one entry per carrier group (i.e. one per origin or shipment)

Magento 2

  • Basic shipping information is stored by Magento in the standard order tables
    • sales_order – use the order ID (called increment_id on this table) to extract order detail
      • shipping_method  i.e. the carrier and method code for shipping
      • shipping_description i.e. the displayed carrier and shipping method chosen
  • Information is stored in separate ShipperHQ tables – there are a lot but the ones of interest are
    • shipperhq_order_detail – use the order ID to extract order detail. Information includes
      • `dispatch_date`
      • `delivery_date`
      • `destination_type` i.e residential/commercial
      • `liftgate_required`
      • `notify_required` i.e. appointment required
      • `inside_delivery`
      • `time_slot`
      • `address_valid`
      • `limited_delivery` i.e. restricted delivery
      • ‘carriergroup_detail’ – a json data structure which will contain the origins/warehouses and selected shipping methods for the order
    • shipperhq_order_item_detail – use the order Item ID to extract detail for each item
      • ‘carrier_group’ i.e. the origin or group of this order item
      • ‘carrier_group_shipping’ i.e. the shipping method for the order item
    • shipperhq_order_packages – use order ID, includes shipment information
      • `package_name`
      • `carrier_code`
      • dimensions of `length`, `width` and `height`
      • `weight`
      • `declared_value`
  • We don’t currently support the Magento API – if you have a specific suggestion or request on this, please get in touch with us via
  • You can extract directly from these tables – we have a helper class “ShipperHQ\Shipper\Helper\CarrierGroup” , the following function will return all order detail for an order:       getOrderCarrierGroupInfo($orderId)

Support for UPS Access Point

  • To process orders placed with a UPS Access Point carrier, you can extract the Location ID from the shipping method in Magento (1 & 2). The shipping method can be viewed by exporting the orders to CSV or using your custom integration as detailed above.
  • The format of the shipping method is <carrier>_<method>_<locationId> e.g. shqupsaccess_GND_U85431561

Further Information

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