How to Connect ShipperHQ to ShipStation


If you use ShipStation to ship your orders, you can connect your ShipperHQ account and view ShipperHQ’s shipping details for your orders inside ShipStation. The shipping details include shipping methods and costs, packing details, date and origin information.


This integration is only available for customers on BigCommerce, Shopify and Magento 2.x. If you are on an alternative platform and wish to use this functionality, you can contact our sales team to register your interest.

How to Connect ShipStation to ShipperHQ

To connect your ShipStation account with ShipperHQ, you will complete two steps. First, you will generate an access token inside ShipperHQ, then you will add that access token to your ShipStation Account.

Step 1: Generate Access Token in ShipperHQ

  1. Log in to your ShipperHQ dashboard, go to Marketplace
  2. Switch dropdown next to search bar from All Carriers to All
  3. Select ShipStation and select Install
  4. Read and accept the agreement to store your order and shipping information
  5. Click Install
  6. For users on Magento with more than one website, select the website you wish to integrate and choose Generate Access Token
  7. Select Copy to copy the access token to your clipboard
Note: For Magento 2.x, you will now need to Synchronize ShipperHQ with your Magento store, so your order and shipping data is available inside ShipStation.

Step 2: Add Access Token to ShipStation

  1. Log in to your ShipStation account
  2. Go to Settings > Integrations > Integration Partners
  3. Click on the ShipperHQ tile
  4. Click + Add Connection and select your BigCommerce, Shopify or Magento store, then enter your Access Token from Step 1 above
  5. Click Save Connection

Generating a New Token for ShipStation

If you need to generate a new token or access the token you generated upon installation you can do that by going to the Websites page and selecting the website you would like to create a token for. On the website’s page you will see an “Integrations” tab and below that a section for ShipStation if it is installed.

Viewing ShipperHQ Shipping Details in ShipStation

On order import, ShipStation will identify orders that were placed using ShipperHQ rates.

  • In your ShipStation account, when you import an order, view the Requested service field
  • Click the info tooltip to View ShipperHQ Details
  • The popup window will display ShipperHQ shipping details including selected shipping methods, dispatch and delivery dates, packing information and other selected services

More information is available on ShipStation Support

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