How Do I Know What Data BigCommerce Stores from ShipperHQ?


If you’re trying to connect the data from ShipperHQ to your fulfillment center, it’s important to know what data is and isn’t currently stored by BigCommerce.

Order Review Page

In BigCommerce go to Orders > Order View  > Then click on the “+” sign next to your orders to see a review.

ShipperHQ fields stored by BigCommerce 

  • Shipping Price
  • Customer Address
  • Carrier Name (method name)
  • Estimated Delivery Date
    • If eligible via FedEx, UPS or Custom Carrier

ShipperHQ fields not stored by BigCommerce

  • Box Definitions
  • Origins used on Multi-Origin and Drop Shipping orders
  • Method Merging/Rate Shopping carrier breakdown
    • This will show the merged name instead
  • Accessorials
    • Not currently supported by BigCommerce, but will be implemented in the future

Note: Until we are able to see this information, you will need to communicate this to your fulfillment center either manually or via a different method.