Display Chosen Shipping Methods on Order Emails in Magento

ShipperHQ provides some detailed information on the chosen shipping methods, that you can include in order emails.

This article will walk you through the steps required to configure this functionality.

Adding information to your transactional email template

  1. Navigate to System->Transactional Email Templates within your Magento admin panel.
  2. Edit the template you currently use for new order emails, or create a new template using Add New Template button
  3. It’s likely your current template will use the following to display shipping method information on the order  {{var order.shipping_description}}
  4. Replace this text with {{var order.carriergroup_shipping_html}}
  5. Click “Save Template”
  6. Selected delivery dates, pickup locations and times will be included in this breakdown. See below for an example email.


Additional Order Information

You can also add these variables in the same way

  • {{var order.liftgate_required}}
  • {{var order.notify_required}}
  • {{var order.inside_delivery}}
  • {{var order.destination_type}}