How to configure boxes to be used for all products


The most common use case in dimensional packing is to set up a cluster of boxes and have the system automation feature of using product(s) overall volume into determining which box(s) to use of packing. However, sometimes the goal is for certain product(s) is to pack into any available box and for certain other boxes to be only used with some products only, and for that the configurations will need some tweaking.


  • If the intention is to use the system “Can be used to pack all products” automated feature across all products and all boxes, you can do this by selecting that option on all boxes. The system will use dimensions/volume of product(s) to determine best-fit box.
    • Export boxes CSV
    • Set the “All products” column to Yes > re-import and you’re all set.
  • If the intention is to allow for certain products to pack into certain boxes ONLY, and for the remainder to pack into any other box, then the configurations will be slightly different. For that, you’ll need to utilize packing rules:
    • Define the desired set of boxes per the first step – only instead of setting “All products” or selecting “Can be use for all products to” leave this option to no/unticked.
    • Navigate to packing rule > Define a rule and assign all the boxes that can be used for ANY product to the rule. Select “Default this rule for all products” under optional tab.
    • All is set from here as system will use boxes from that rule automatically
      • For the boxes that can be used for certain products, follow the step above and don’t tick “Default this rule for all products” instead, assign the rule name to the desired product on the eCommerce platform product configurations. Here is Magento for example.

Note: If any of the boxes is ticked with “Can be used for all products” then all packing rules with the mechanism of “pack according to box rules” will be ignored. Therefore ensure that boxes and rule are configured per 2nd instructions if you wish to use packing rules.

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