How to Assign ShipperHQ Attributes in Magento 2


You are setting up ShipperHQ on Magento 2 and need to add your Shipping Groups, Origins, Boxes, or Pickup Locations from ShipperHQ to your products.

PLEASE NOTE: this doc is specific to Magento 2. To do this in Magento 1, please see the doc here.


  1. You want to make sure that you’ve Synchronized ShipperHQ to your Magento instance¬†first. This’ll ensure that your Shipping Groups, Origins, Boxes, and Pickup Locations will be pulled over to M2.
  2. Go to Products–>Catalog–>and select the product that you’d like to add your Shipping Group/Origin/Pickup to.
  3. For assigning Shipping Groups, Origins, or Pickup Locations, you’ll locate the ‘Shipping’ panel under your product details. For assigning Boxes, you’ll locate the ‘Dimensional’ category. (NOTE: Boxes must be set to not apply to all products in ShipperHQ in order to show up under attributes)5_pound_dumbell___Products___Inventory___Products___Magento_Admin
  4. You’ll then select the Box/Shipping Group/Origin/Pickup you’re looking for, and Save.


Once this has been done, those products in Magento 2 with a shipping group highlighted will be attached to that group so you can create shipping rules or modify shipping for those groups of products only.

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