Dimensional Packing Example: How to pack my product into multiple boxes


Let’s say you have a bike that needs to be shipped in 2 boxes of different sizes. The question is how you use the ShipperHQ Dimensional Shipping application to set this up?

Pack in Multiple Fixed Boxes is designated to have each item pack into its own package apart from other cart items. This will result in higher shipping rates because each product that is assigned to a pack separately packing rule will be packed on its own. However, it can be useful for items that can’t be packed with other products due to being either fragile or having other special packing requirements.

Mechanism overview

This mechanism is used for single SKUs/products that need to be split in multiple boxes when shipping. This mechanism will disregard all the dimensions set on the product from the e-commerce platform and will use dimensions set within the packing rule to pass over to the carrier.

Pack in Multiple Fixed Boxes

How to setup Pack in Multiple Fixed Boxes

  1. Enable the Packing Rules advanced feature from your Features page in ShipperHQ.
  2. Go to the “Packing Rules” tab in the lefthand navigation and create a new packing rule via Add New.
  3. In the Basic panel, set the Method of Shipping to “Pack in multiple fixed boxes”.
  4. Still in the Basic panel, under the Ship Via Multiple Boxes section, set the desired box dimensions with weight for each packing box. You can add multiple boxes here and multiple quantities of different box sizes.
  5. Save the rule.

Whenever the product is in the cart it will be packed in these multiple boxes.

Product Setup

So now in your eCommerce Platform, you can go to your products and assign the packing rule. In Magento, there is an auto-sync mechanism, on Bigcommerce/Shopify you need to ensure the group name matches the name in ShipperHQ.

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