How to Charge a Flat Rate on Individual Shipping Groups and Live Rates on Combinations


This guide goes through how to charge a flat rate on individual shipping groups and live rates on combinations.

Steps for Carriers

For this example, you charge a flat rate of $5.95 “Standard” shipping for one item and $7.95 “Standard” shipping for another set of items.

Step 1: Carriers

  1. Create a new Custom Carrier via the “Carriers” tab or in the ShipperHQ Marketplace
  2. Give the Carrier a name in the Basic panel
  3. In the Shipping Methods panel set the method named (in our case, “Standard”) and configure the other options for your flat method. Set the price to whatever base rate is relevant.
  4. Save the Custom Carrier
  5. Install a UPS Small Package Carrier via the “Carriers” tab or Marketplace if you don’t have one already. See details for validation and configuration of UPS in the doc linked.
  6. On the UPS Carrier, enable all shipping methods you wish to show through this carrier.
  7. Save UPS Carrier

Step 2: Shipping Groups

Two shipping groups will be used for this configuration. “FLAT5” will be used for the products that receive the $5.95 flat rate and “FLAT7” will be used for the products that receive the $7.95 flat rate.

Step 3: Carrier Rules

  1. Create a Carrier Rule. In the Basic panel, give it a name (i.e. “Flat Rate $5.95 on FLAT5 items”)
    • In Shipping Methods panel, Add your Custom Rate Method (i.e. “Standard”) under Custom Shipping Methods Assigned
    • In Conditions panel, set the “FLAT5” shipping group under Must Include all of these Shipping Groups, and set “FLAT7” shipping group under Excludes these Shipping Groups.
    • Also in Conditions panel, under Apply to Zones set any zones you wish this to apply to (if required), (e.g you may only want this to happen for US48)
    • In Actions panel, set the Action to Perform as “Set/Surcharge”, Adapt Shipping Rates  to “Set Rates”. In Shipping Rate panel, set the Shipping Price field to $5.95.
    • Save your Rule.
  2. Create a second Carrier Rule for “Flat Rate $7.95 on FLAT7 items” and follow the above steps, swapping the included/excluded groups and set 7.95 as the shipping price.
  3. Create a third Carrier Rule for “Hide UPS for FLAT5”.
    • In Shipping Methods panel, Add all methods under the UPS carrier for Live Shipping Methods Assigned
    • In Conditions select FLAT5 in the must include drop-down field and all groups except FLAT5 in the excludes field
    • Under Actions, set the action to perform to “Hide Shipping Methods”
  4. Repeat Step 3 for the FLAT7 shipping group
  5. Create a final Carrier Rule to “Hide Flat Rates for non Flat Rate items”
    • In Shipping Methods Add the Custom shipping method (i..e “Standard”)
    • In the Conditions, set Includes one or more of these Shipping Group field to all shipping groups except FLAT5 and FLAT7
    • Also in Conditions, specify any zones you wish this to apply to (if required).

Last Steps for Platforms

Magento Platform

  1. Sync your shipping groups, then you will see FLAT5 and FLAT7 in the shipping tab

BigCommerce Platform

  1. Add the relevant FLAT5 or FLAT7 shipping group to any items you wish to ship flat rate

Additional Options

You can optionally have flat rates surcharge UPS rates by changing the rule to surcharge rates.

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