How to Synchronize ShipperHQ Attributes to Magento


Once you have setup your groups, origins, or packing rules inside of ShipperHQ you then need to assign them to products. This article explains how to synchronize ShipperHQ in Magento 1&2.

What do I need to synchronise?

Magento 1

Within Magento you would go to Catalog->ShipperHQ->Synchronize ShipperHQ.  If you select this you can then see all the relevant data from ShipperHQ and sync it to Magento.

Sync Mechanism

Magento 2

In Magento 2, the Synchronize menu is under Stores->Synchronize with ShipperHQ


Synchronize Page

From the synchronization page for both Magento 1 and Magento 2 you will see a list of any attributes’ values that differ between the ShipperHQ dashboard and your store.

The “Reload Synchronize Data” will refresh to verify if there are any new differences between the store and the dashboard.

“Synchronize with ShipperHQ” will import the data to the respective attributes.

Please note that values that are assigned to current products will not be deleted automatically, e.g. if you have a shipping group BIKES which you create in ShipperHQ and then delete it will not delete from Magento unless unassigned from all products.

Currently we do not support renaming of attributes in ShipperHQ, this will be seen as a new value.

Refresh Caches

Now that the values have been updated, you may need to refresh the Magento 2 caches. You can do this from here: System->Cache Management

It’s suggested to update all caches while you are in here

Magento cache management

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