How to Set Up TForce Freight


You have received your TForce Freight credentials from UPS and want to create a TForce Freight carrier and activate your credentials. * If you do not have UPS Freight Contact UPS and sign up for Freight service


Obtaining UPS Freight Account

To get rates from TForce Freight using ShipperHQ, you must have a TForce Freight test account. This is separate to your standard TForce account.

  1. Ensure you have a UPS XML Key and credentials
  2. Register for a test account on the UPS Freight site.

Once you have your credentials from UPS. Return to ShipperHQ and add a TForce Freight carrier following the instructions below:


Activating your UPS Freight Production Credentials

In the next steps you’ll generate the required test rate and enter it on the TForceFreight website to activate your account.

  1. Disable all other carriers in ShipperHQ (if any) leaving only the UPS Freight carrier enabled
  2. Within ShipperHQ, go to the “Test Your Rates” link in the left-hand navigation and and obtain a shipping rate using a Business Address and freight sized product.
  3. The TForce Freight rate you see returned in the results on the right is the “TForce Freight Test Rate” referenced above. Copy this rate and continue with the process below.
  4. Login to the UPS Developer Kit
  5. Navigate to Access and Administration->Manage Access Keys
  6. Enter your current Access Key and select Request Production Key 
    Note: If you are presented with a notification window explaining that production access is not guaranteed and nothing happens when you click continue please re-try with an alternative web browser. We have had reports of this occurring with one web browser but not another.
  7. On the following pages, select Rating – LTL Freight and answer all of the proceeding questions after that.
  8. You will see a place to enter in the test rate you generated earlier. Enter this test rate and finish.
  9. Once the steps above are complete, you will need to return to your UPS carrier in ShipperHQ and turn OFF the “Generate Test Rate” setting in the credentials. To do this you will click the link at the very top of the TForce LTL Freight page that says “View or Update your Credentials” go through the credentials again and this time uncheck the “Generate Test Rate” box. Validate and you should be finished.

Test Your Rates

Be sure to use the rate calculator in ShipperHQ to test your rates and make sure that the carriers and rules you have configured work as you expect them. You will be able to see how your rate is calculated and make any necessary adjustments to your carrier settings or rules to modify your rates right from the dashboard.

Warning: Magento users will need to mark products at the product level if they must ship freight.

Steps To Add This Carrier

  1. Go to the Carriers page in the ShipperHQ dashboard
  2. Click + New to add a new carrier
  3. Select Live Rate Carrier
  4. Search for and select TForce Freight
  5. If you have not already enabled the LTL Freight advanced feature you will be asked to do so now. If you do not have enough advanced features on your plan to enable this you will need to upgrade your plan or turn off another advanced feature.
  6. Name this carrier (this name will be the name your customers see in the Checkout.)
  7. Success! Your TForce Freight carrier has now been added to your list of carriers in ShipperHQ.
  8. You will now need to proceed to Validate your TForce Freight Carrier (instructions are in the following section).

Steps to Validate This Carrier

In order for your carrier to access your negotiated rates, you will need to enter your carrier account credentials for UPS and have them validated. Validation, simply means that ShipperHQ was able to access the shipping account related to the credentials that you entered and retrieve rates. If you choose to skip validation after adding your new carrier you will be reminded to add your credentials later. To Validate your TForce Freight Carrier:

  1. Select Enter Credentials & Validate
  2. Review the information required to validate and Validate. The information listed here should be the credentials you received by following the instructions above to “Obtain your TForce Freight Account”.
  3. Next, enter the information obtained from UPS. If this is the first time you are setting up your TForce Freight carrier you will need to check the “Generate Test Rate” box.


    With “Generate Test Rate” checked on your TForce Freight carrier in ShipperHQ, you’re now ready to obtain your test rate and register for activation with UPS.
    Once your registration is activated with UPS you will need to return to this and uncheck the box.
  4. If validation is successful, you will be presented with:
    1. The option to enable your carrier right away.
      You will need to enable this carrier in order to get the test rate you will need to activate your account so do this now.
    2. Begin to configure. Continuing with this button will take you to the carrier’s configuration page. You can also enable the carrier from this page once you have saved your settings.
  5. If validation fails, the credentials you have already entered will still be saved so they will populate the form when you return. You can:
    1. Choose to try validation again and double-check that the information you entered is correct.
    2. Skip validation for now and complete it later. You will be reminded to complete validation later to get rates.
    3. Contact UPS Support if you have issues with receiving or activating your TForce Freight credentials.
    4. Contact us if you are struggling to validate your carrier and you believe the credentials you are using are correct. We will be happy to help get you validated.

You now have your TForce Freight carrier added in ShipperHQ and you are ready to run through the TForce Freight account test process and obtain your test rate and register for activation with UPS.



UPS density-based pricing

If your UPS account requires density-based pricing or you’re getting this error: “Shipper has density pricing. Handling unit dimension required” then you will need to check the switch under account settings. Very few TForce LTL accounts require this, we would advise that you leave it unchecked unless you see the above error or TForce LTL tell you to check it. UPS describes this feature as Density-based rates are discounted based upon product dimensions, rather than freight classifications. Density-based pricing is setup when customers commingle multiple freight classes on shipments.

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