Charge a Flat Rate on Certain Items, UPS on others


Let’s say you have some items that you charge a flat rate of $5.95 Ground shipping, no matter how many are in the cart.  But you also have other items which are larger that you need to charge standard UPS rates for.  How do you set this up in ShipperHQ?



  1. Set up a UPS Small Package Carrier. Select all shipping methods you wish to show and the countries you wish UPS to be valid for.

Carrier Rule

  1. Create a Carrier Rule “Flat Rate $5.95 on FLAT items”
  2. Select UPS Ground as the applicable shipping method
  3. Within the rule add a new shipping group “FLAT”
  4. Specify any zones you wish this to apply to (if required), e.g you may just want for US48
  5. In actions set the price to be $5.95 and say applies to products in the FLAT shipping group

Magento Platform

  1. Sync your shipping groups, then you will see FLAT in the shipping tab

BigCommerce Platform

  1. Add the shipping group FLAT to any items you wish to ship flat rate

Expected Outcome

When flat rate items are in the cart alone $5.95 will show.

When flat rate items are in the cart along with standard items then the UPS Ground price will be added to the $5.95. Other shipping methods (e.g. next day) will use the weight of all the items.

Other Options

You can optionally prevent other shipping methods from showing when flat items are in the cart, just set up a Prevent shipping rule.

You can if you want set it up so that the flat rate would apply to the whole cart, just specify in the rule action. Bear in mind then you are saying all non-flat items ship for free when flat items are in the cart.  The flexibility is there, you just need to think about how you want it to work for your needs.