How to Merge Different Shipping Rates Together

When a cart contains products that don’t have common shipping options, ShipperHQ needs to find a common method from these different origins. Otherwise it has no idea to push the rates together and no rates will show.

Method Merging can be used in order for ShipperHQ to return shipping options.

Use Cases

Multiple origins

When each of the origins is restricted for a certain carrier/method. I.E: Origin “Dallas” is restricted for UPS and Origin “Houston” is restricted for FedEx. You can define a merge rule that has both methods selected, create a new method name, and when you have both of the products in the cart, the new merge rule will show up with both UPS and FedEx rates combined into one under the method name you created.

Split Shipping Groups

When two or more products are coming from the same origin but they require separate shipping method. For example, product “Umbrella” is assigned to the “Perishable” shipping group and that group is restricted to be rated via UPS Ground, and on the other hand you have product “Salt” which is assigned to the “Rush” shipping group which is restricted for UPS Next Day Air.

Rate shopping: The Carrier Merge Rules page is also used to setup rate shopping between two or more methods. This will take the selected shipping methods from one or more carriers and compare them to find the cheapest rate. The cheapest of these rates will display at checkout. Here is how you can setup Rate Shopping.


Method Merging requires the Multi Origin and Dropshipping Advanced Feature. To turn it on, go to:

Account Settings–>Features–> Multi-Origin & Drop Shipping –> Update

Shipping with the Same Carrier

If all your products ship from different origins, but offer the same carrier methods, there is no need to set up merged rates. ShipperHQ will automatically merge the like-methods.

Shipping with Separate Methods

If you are using different origins with different carriers (i.e. NY origin ships UPS, but CA origin ships FedEx), or have 2 products in the cart with an uncommon method (i.e. “Regular” items gets FedEx Ground, but “Perishable” items gets UPS 2nd Day Air), you need to set up merge rules.


We assume you already have Multi Origin Advanced Feature enabled.

  1. Go to Method Merging tab in the lefthand navigation > Add New
  2. In Overview section, set a name for the Merge Rule — this will be the name of the method in the cart
  3. Set the Method Code — if you do not use method code, you can set this to whatever, but it is a required field
  4. Choose the 2 methods that you will be merging.
    NOTE: You cannot merge methods from the same carrier.
  5. Save the Merge

If you look at the example in the screenshot below, we are saying that when items that require FedEx ‘2nd Day’ and UPS ‘2nd Day Air’ are together are in the cart, show the combined rate and call it “2nd Day”.

Showing Split Rates

On Magento 1, Magento 2, and Zoey, it is possible to show a breakdown of the rates per origin or per product in the checkout. This is specified in the Settings under Origins.  Even if you set to show this breakdown in checkout, ShipperHQ will still show merged rates in the cart estimator, as we believe it is better to keep the shipping quote estimation simple.


If you see the error message ‘No merged rates then please review your carrier merge rules‘ then you need to review your settings for merging rates.  This error implies that it can find rates for the products when individually in the cart e.g. for Origin A can find FedEx rates, for Origin B can find UPS rates, but there are not sufficient rules to merge those rates together (e.g. Ground maps FedEx Ground and UPS Ground).

If you think you have a problem with merging of rates then the best way to determine is if you can see that when you add 1 product from Origin A it shows rates, when you clear the cart and add a product from Origin B it shows rates, but not when in the cart together – thats more than likely a rate merge issue.