Rate Shopping


Rate shopping is a feature designed to compare rates between two or more shipping methods from two or more different carriers and than return the cheapest method under one method name.

In order to use Rate Shopping, you’ll need to ensure that “Rate Shopping & Shipping Option Management” Feature is enabled and “Shop for Cheapest rate” is set to On.

Please note: Typically Method Merging can’t be used when rate shopping is enabled and configured.


  1. Go to Method Merging tab, found under the Carrier tab
  2. Select add new
  3. Enter the Shipping Method Title – this is what will be displayed in checkout as the shipping method
  4. Enter a Method CodeScreen Shot 2016-08-18 at 15.12.44
  5. Select one shipping method under two or more of the Carriers under Live Shipping Methods or Custom Shipping Methods.Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 15.13.00
  6. If you want to offer more than one merged option (i.e. offer Ground, but also expedited), you will need a merge rule for each method type.
  7. Save

Note: Rate shopping isn’t supported on the same carrier. Please ensure to use configure method merging in between two or more carriers methods.


Your customer will see the cheapest rate among the methods selected in the merge rule under one method name. I.E: UPS Ground and Home Delivery will show up as Ground Shipping $$$.